Spotlight Your Small Business with New LinkedIn Company Page Features

Social media is a big deal for small businesses! It helps you gain an audience, gets the conversation buzzing around your latest features and provides a cheap (or even free!) way to advertise. Facebook and Twitter are still insanely popular outlets, but LinkedIn is quickly gaining steam — and the new LinkedIn company page features can help your small business gain some serious social media cred!

A recent article on the B2C website lays it all on the line: The credibility of your business relies largely on your social media marketing savvy. To remain relevant, you’ll need to use every weapon in your arsenal: cutting-edge news, great content and eye-catching design.

With the new LinkedIn company page features, doing this just got a little easier for your small business!

Showcase Pages

With LinkedIn’s new showcase pages, your small business can spread the word about its products or services to a network of more than 200 million LinkedIn members. This feature allows small businesses to show off individual products or services and creates a fan base around a single aspect of your company. With 10 showcase pages allotted to each account, it’s easy to deliver targeted information about your most important products or services.

New Banner Images

The days of a stark, boring landing point are over. LinkedIn’s banner images allow you to add eye-catching graphics, logos or photos to your company’s home tab. Much like Facebook’s “cover photo,” this feature serves to capture attention and get people to connect with your brand.

Featured Products on the Home Tab

Your small business only has one chance at a first impression. Make it a good one by showing off your most amazing, best-selling, absolutely brilliant offering right on your LinkedIn company page’s home tab. A new feature adds a sidebar to your LinkedIn landing page, giving you a chance to shine a spotlight on your favorite products or services and direct your potential audience to the rest of your product line.

Customize Your Link Preview Images

No one likes the bait-and-switch! LinkedIn has taken steps to ensure that your customer sees what you want them to see. Upload your own thumbnail as a link preview and give your audience a reason to click. You also can change the wording in the header section to get your message across.

Your LinkedIn page is a vital part of your marketing strategy, and these new features make it easier than ever to direct your customers to your small business’ most important information. Need help taking advantage of the new LinkedIn features? Let Mischa Communications help! Our social media gurus will have you linked to your audience and growing your following faster than you can say “social media marketing.”