How to Make a Press Release Informative AND Inspiring

how to make a press release

Has your business done something newsworthy? Alert the media!

A press release is a great way to spread the word about what your business is up to. And even better, it’s a free way to spread that word.

Press releases help businesses build brand awareness, reach new audiences and save on advertising costs. They can even help build long-lasting relationships with local media, which can be priceless in a pinch.

Typically, a press release will include the following components:

  • An attention-grabbing headline
  • A summary of key points
  • The date and location
  • The story itself
  • A quick overview of your business (aka, a “boilerplate”) that explains who you are and what you do

But even if you follow that format to the letter, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your press release will get picked up for publication.

If you want to make your media debut, you’re going to need to put in some hard work (and creativity) first.

3 Keys to a Good Press Release

Hook Them With the Headline

Just like with any other type of content, your headline can make or break you. It’s the first part of your press release that your reader will see — and if it doesn’t immediately capture their attention, it’ll also be the last.

Not sure what will sell in the particular publication (or type of publication) you’re targeting? Look at some press releases they’ve published in the past, then try to emulate that style.

Be Compelling

If you’re opening a new location, announcing that you’ve been nominated for a major award or spreading the word about the upcoming charity event you’re sponsoring, then a press release is right for you.

If you’re having a 15% off sale or offering free shipping for a limited time, you’re not going to stop any presses.

Unless you have compelling news to share, don’t waste your time drafting a press release that will never see the light of day.

Keep It Short and Sweet

Your press release isn’t the first (or even the 50th) to cross some poor, overworked intern’s desk today. So, brevity will be more than appreciated.

Stick to the facts and avoid being too wordy. One page is golden. Two is acceptable only if the sheer newsworthiness of it all can be justified. Anything past that, and your chances of being picked up are somewhere south of zilch.

3 Keys to a GREAT Press Release

Tailor Your Press Release to Different Publications

It’s OK (and even advisable) to send your press release to multiple publications. But that doesn’t mean you should go the copy-and-paste route.

Instead, take the time to tailor your message to each individual publication, keeping in mind the audience they serve. Yes, it’s a bit more work, but it significantly ups your chances of success.

Include Engaging Elements

Do you have a quote from an industry expert? Some praise from a longtime customer? What about stats, facts and figures that could make your press release even more attractive to your audience? Include it!

There’s no rule that press releases must be boring. If you can add a little more color, it might get a lot more eyes!

Be Authentic

Most of us at Mischa Communications have a background in journalism, so we’ve seen our fair share of press releases. Some were irritatingly hyperbolic and self-aggrandizing; others included so much industry jargon that we lost the plot two lines in.

The best, however, were authentic and engaging. The business had something to say, and they said it with thoughtfulness, candor and intelligence. Those were the kind of press releases that made it past our scrutiny, and they’re the kind that we’re encouraging you to write!

Take Your Press Releases to the Next Level!

While traditional newspapers might not be what they used to be, press releases are still very much alive and can help you get seen by all sorts of media outlets. So take your next press release from good to great!

Are you having trouble in the press release department? Let Mischa Communications tap in. We can make your business newsworthy!