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How to Set Meaningful Small Business Goals for 2021

small business goals 2021

Most of us have been too busy trying to survive this year to focus on what comes next. But 2021 is just around the corner – which means it’s time to set some small business goals for the new year.

Where do you want 2021 to take your company? Do you want to open a new location? Increase sales? Introduce new products and services? What do you want, and how are you going to get it?

It’s not enough to say, “I want X, Y and Z” and just hope the universe drops your desires in your lap. To get where you want to be, you need to set some concrete goals for your small business.

Not sure how? We have you covered!

Make Specific, Measurable Goals

“I want to make more money.”

“I want to bring in new customers.”

“I want to focus more on marketing.”

All of these are worthy goals. The trouble is, they’re not specific enough. How much more money? How many more customers? Which part of your marketing strategy are you looking to improve?

Good business goals should be specific and measurable with a firm end date. So, change “I want to make more money” to “By the end of Q1 2021, I want to increase this quarter’s sales by 5%.”

Don’t Shoot for the Moon

Too many business owners set their sights too high and get discouraged when they fall short. Sure, it’s fun to daydream about quickly making a million dollars or bringing in a million new customers. But the chances of that happening lie somewhere between slim and none.

Keep your goals realistic and attainable. It’s better to surprise yourself by exceeding your objectives than it is to disappoint yourself because your target was too far out of reach.

That doesn’t mean that your goals need to be easy. Your aim as a small business owner is to grow, after all. The key is finding a happy middle ground: Don’t set yourself up to fail, but don’t fix the race in your favor, either.

Make It Visual

Once you have your specific, measurable, realistic goals nailed down, it’s time to make a visual representation of your progress. For some, this can be a simple checklist that you revisit on a weekly basis; for others, it could be an intricate, color-coded chart that takes up an entire wall of your office.

Having a visual aid makes it easy for you and your team to see where you are and where you need to be. When everyone can see the progress, morale improves, and everyone will be more motivated to keep going!

What Do Your 2021 Small Business Goals Look Like?

Very few of us will be disappointed to see 2020 go. There hasn’t been much to celebrate this year. But 2021 is just around the corner, and when you meet the new year armed with smart goals for your small business, the possibilities are endless!

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