Small Business Social Media: The Next Horizons

10 Dec

Small Business Social Media: The Next Horizons

When you think of social media sites, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn probably are the first three to come to mind. Dig a bit deeper and you’ll probably add Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat to the list. But there are several other social media platforms that are flying under your radar -- but may still take your small business places that you’ve never been before. Yes, there are...

02 Jan

The Top 15 Resources for Digital Marketing

Small business marketing is hard. Anyone who tells you different is either lying or not doing it correctly. From content curation to social media to figuring out which marketing gurus you should follow (and emulate), there is absolutely nothing that can be deemed “easy.” The good news is, there are tools, apps and resources that can make it easier (and making your work easier is...

10 Jul

Market Your Small Business on LinkedIn (Without Annoying Your Prospects!)

LinkedIn generally isn’t the first platform that comes to mind when it comes to social media marketing. That’s not because it’s not viable (it is!), but instead because many small business owners just don’t understand what it can do for them. It’s true: LinkedIn is a different crowd. If Facebook is a rowdy roadhouse and Twitter is a swanky nightclub, LinkedIn is an upscale bar...

24 Apr

4 Easy Ways to Boost Targeted Traffic to Your Small Business Website

Often times, sales is a game of sheer numbers – you need a ton of people to see your product in hopes that a few of them will want to buy. But what if most of your audience is already interested in what you’re selling? That’s called targeted traffic, and it’s a much more efficient use of your marketing resources. These high-quality visitors not only...

15 Aug

Mischa’s Recipe for Small Business Success

Everyone loves a good recipe. They’re easy to follow, passed down from generation to generation, and (most of the time, at least) you get a reasonably consistent outcome each time you use them. But recipes aren’t just for Aunt Betty’s brownies and Grandma Fran’s fried chicken. They can be used for just about anything, including small business success. Since the best recipe is a shared...

25 Jul

3 Ways LinkedIn Groups Can Build Your Small Business Brand

LinkedIn originally was created as a networking site for professionals, but it might seem a bit stiff and stodgy compared to the younger, fresher Facebook and Twitter vibe -- sort of like a much-older, career-oriented cousin you only see once a year. LinkedIn is less “meme” and more “MBA”; less “emoji” and more “education.” But there are plenty of ways you can leverage LinkedIn for...

11 Jul

10 Free Ways to Market Your Small Business

We talk a lot about inexpensive marketing strategies, but let’s be honest. You’re small, and if you’re just starting out, even “inexpensive” can be beyond your budget. Don’t worry! There are plenty of ways to market your small business for a zero-dollar fee -- or at least 10 ways, as the headline implies. Here they are! #1: Social Media This shouldn’t come as a shock...

23 Feb

4 Tips for Leveraging LinkedIn for Your Small Business Marketing

Twitter and Facebook are great ways to advertise your small business to the masses. But if you’re overlooking the social media platform most professionals use most often, then you’re making a mistake. Whether you are looking for funding, new employees, or you’re just out to build a bigger network of small business owners, LinkedIn is your go-to social media platform. If you’re looking to put...

05 Feb

Spotlight Your Small Business with New LinkedIn Company Page Features

Social media is a big deal for small businesses! It helps you gain an audience, gets the conversation buzzing around your latest features and provides a cheap (or even free!) way to advertise. Facebook and Twitter are still insanely popular outlets, but LinkedIn is quickly gaining steam -- and the new LinkedIn company page features can help your small business gain some serious social media...

03 Oct

Learn to Promote Your Small Business on LinkedIn

It’s not quite Facebook and it’s not quite Twitter; it’s light years away from Google + and it laughs in the face of MySpace. LinkedIn is different from other social platforms in the sense that most people use it for professional purposes – such as networking, job searches and demonstrating their career goals and achievements –  instead of personal ones. While LinkedIn offers similar small...