The Top 15 Resources for Digital Marketing

digital marketing resources

Small business marketing is hard. Anyone who tells you different is either lying or not doing it correctly. From content curation to social media to figuring out which marketing gurus you should follow (and emulate), there is absolutely nothing that can be deemed “easy.”

The good news is, there are tools, apps and resources that can make it easier (and making your work easier is our job). So, to help you get started on the new year with your best foot forward, we are sharing our list of digital marketing secrets with you!

For Content Curation

Content curation is an uphill battle. Updating your blog, finding new topics to talk about on social media and just generally identifying with your audience can be tough. These sites can help!

  1. Pinterest: Yep — Pinterest can seem like a site for soccer moms and stay-at-home parents, but there’s more to it than that. Pinterest for business gives you meaningful insights, an open-minded audience and strong results.
  2. ContentGems: If you’re looking for up-to-date content, ContentGems is your go-to source. A massive database gives you relevant resources, keywords and social signals to help you dial in to what you’re searching for — and you can even monitor websites with RSS feeds or Twitter accounts.
  3. Triberr: Do you have a “tribe?” Regardless of how, when or where they work, they can help you get your point across to your clients and customers. Triberr relies on your ability to connect with others and help share each other’s content across social media and beyond.
  4. Listly: We all know that lists are helpful. Listly takes it a step farther. Whether you’re into shopping, home improvement, DIY or basically anything else, this site makes it easy to create, curate and publish.
  5. UberSuggest: Out of ideas for your blog and nowhere to look for ideas? Try UberSuggest. Simply enter a keyword and get topics you may have never considered before!


For Social Media

Social media is crucial for small business success — and there are plenty of tools to make it work for you! Here are our favorites.

  1. Hootsuite: Would you like to schedule social media posts days (or weeks) ahead of time? Hootsuite can help! The free option allows you to schedule 30 posts at a time, and the paid option is unlimited.
  2. Buffer: Like Hootsuite, Buffer can help you schedule your awesome social media posts ahead of time. Did you find some links you want to share in your browser? Buffer is your man (or woman). You can share them without even leaving the app.
  3. TweetDeck: Is Twitter your social media platform of choice? TweetDeck is a great solution! You can follow hashtags, keep track of your mentions and manage multiple accounts (business, personal or a combination of both.)
  4. Instagram: It may seem like a site for teenagers to ogle each other, but Instagram is actually an amazing marketing tool. Learn how to use it for small business here.
  5. Snapchat: Again — teenagers. However, Snapchat is expanding above and beyond. GE, Taco Bell and McDonald’s have already coopted the site, and there’s no reason you can’t, too!


People to Follow

Small businesses are … small. If they can find a slightly bigger business/person to follow, however, they can only grow bigger. Here are some of our best suggestions.

  1. Drew Hendricks: Looking for some solid social media strategy? Follow Drew Hendricks on LinkedIn. He contributes to Inc., Forbes and Entrepreneur — and his tips can help you be the best you can be!
  2. Mary Long: When you can’t keep up with your blog, you may need a talented ghostwriter. There’s nothing wrong with that — and Mary C. Long knows all about ghostwriting, as well as plenty of other marketing “stuff.” Follow her on LinkedIn as well, and reap the rewards of her expertise!
  3. Charise Strandberg: Marketing expertise meets social media management — Charise Strandberg can do it all. Take a peek at her LinkedIn posts to see how you can combine the two and benefit.
  4. Pam Dyer: How cool is the title of “Forbes Top 25 Influencers?” Pam Dyer knows. Follow her on Twitter to get the latest in marketing news, tips and resources.
  5. Mischa Communications: Not to toot our own horn or anything, but we’re pretty cool ourselves. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn to find out what we have to offer!


Ready to Start Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

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