Is 2022 the Year You Hire a Small Business Marketing Agency?

hire small business marketing agency

We see you, small business owners.

The ones who missed out on Mee-Maw’s famous pumpkin pie and Uncle Joe’s “special” eggnog at Thanksgiving because you had to finalize the December marketing brief.

The ones who are burning the midnight oil to make sure your next blog post is ready to go.

The ones who are late to their daughter’s Christmas choir concert because the website crashed (again) and all of your social media followers are complaining about not being able to take advantage of the sale you posted about this morning.

We see you, running not just the business side of your small business but the marketing side of it too. And we’re here to tell you it doesn’t have to be this way.

Here are a few reasons you may want to hire a small business marketing agency in the new year.

You’ll Be Able to Focus on What Really Matters

You started your small business because you’re passionate about what you do. If you wanted to spend your time writing blog posts, running analytics and experimenting with different tactics, you would have gone into marketing, instead.

When you partner with a small business marketing agency, all of the “stuff” that gets in the way of you running your actual business disappears. Suddenly, you’re developing new products and services instead of deciding on a font for your next Google ad. You’re chatting up customers instead of hiding in your office tweaking your logo.

You’re focusing on what really matters: the business side.

You Are Not a Marketer

We don’t know how to pump septic tanks, bake blue-ribbon winning beignets or do whatever else it is your small business does. So why should you be expected to know how to do our job?

You are not a marketer. Which, in our opinion, is a very good reason not to market. There’s no shame in leaving it to the pros.

You’ll Save Money

We hear what you’re saying. “How am I going to save money by paying someone else to do what I already do for free?”

Well, for one — you’re not doing it for free. There’s value to your time, and every minute you spend on marketing is a minute you don’t have for everything else.

For another, a small business marketing agency is going to do things faster and more efficiently than you can, because marketing is all we do. So while it might take you six hours to write a blog post in between putting out fires and answering phones, it’s going to take us 45 minutes.

And finally, you’re going to make more money by outsourcing your marketing than you would on your own. Because we know all the tricks to getting awesome results and a fantastic return on investment.

You’ll Be Happier

Everyone has a hard day at the office every now and then. And hiring a marketing agency certainly isn’t going to ensure that your business will be a picnic from here on out.

But knowing that there’s someone in your corner who gets results, is available to answer questions and advise you on the best way to do things, and has the knowledge and experience required to get the job done will give you peace of mind!

Are You Ready to Hire a Small Business Marketing Agency?

Hiring someone to take care of your small business marketing just makes sense. But not just anyone will do. Ask the right questions, always get references, and make sure the agency you choose is the right fit. Everything else is smooth sailing!

Ready to start mapping out your 2022 marketing strategy? We can’t wait to get started. Let’s team up!