3 Mini Marketing Campaign Ideas for Small Businesses

At Mischa Communications, we’re big believers in a long-term approach for small businesses marketing. Ideation – our process of helping you create and implement a full-scale marketing strategy – is something we’re well known for in the small business community. However, we don’t ignore the short-range stuff either…and neither should you. Some times a short burst of marketing energy is exactly what your small business needs!

With the holiday season approaching, now is a great time to give your small business a little marketing push with a mini-marketing campaign! Finish out the year strong, show your appreciation to your customers, and spread some holiday cheer with these short-term small business marketing ideas.

Say Thanks!

This holiday season give something back to your customers and community. Offer a special on your products or services, create a clever contest, give a portion of your proceeds to charity or create a social media campaign around a “thanks for all you’ve done” motif. Goodwill toward men goes a long way this time of year!

Be a Problem-Solver

Help your customers fix a problem and get yourself some business in the process by offering tips, discounts or solutions from your small business. An email series featuring entertaining tips and recipes for some of your restaurant’s most popular dishes can be a lifesaver this time of year. Partner a 20% discount for your spa with tips for managing holiday stress, and customers will be lining up at the door (including us)! You help your customers and they help your small business: it’s a win-win for all!

Preview a Coming Attraction

November and December are the perfect time to give your customers a sneak peak at what’s coming up in the New Year. Get people excited about your Valentine’s Day specials, preview your spring line or grab their attention with a new product or service. You’ll create a buzz for your small business and keep it fresh in the minds of your customers well into the New Year.

Mini marketing campaigns aren’t holiday exclusive, but this is a great time to implement them! Use them now or year-round to set your small business apart from the masses. And if you need a little help or additional inspiration, Mischa Communications is always here to help you create some marketing magic. Contact us any time if you need assistance with a mini marketing campaign or any small business marketing effort!