The 6 Keys to An Eye-Catching Conference Booth

Small business conference booths

Congratulations! You’ve bitten the proverbial bullet and committed to not just attending a conference or trade show, but actively marketing at it, too. A conference booth is a big step for your small business, and you want everything to be just right for the visitors that stop by your corner of the exhibition hall.

But what does “just right” look like? How can you maximize the minimal booth space you’re allotted? What do you need to do to capture the attention of the busy people walking by?

If you’re looking for ways to make your conference booth stand out at your next event, put a few of these tips into play.

Be Visible from Afar

If you’ve ever attended a conference — professional or otherwise — you know the drill. Attendees start out bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, eager to see and do everything. By the end of Day 1, they’re trudging along like sore-footed zombies, burnt out on sales pitches and bogged down by promotional merchandise.

The trick, then, is to catch their attention early on in the day. If you’re lucky enough to have snagged a spot near an entrance, awesome! If your booth is buried in the middle of the show floor though, you’ll have to work a bit harder.

Make sure your booth is clearly visible from afar. Your goal should be to make it a destination – something that catches someone’s eye immediately and causes them to make a beeline for your little piece of real estate. Bright colors, eye-catching decorations or other draws can help you stand out from the crowd.

Offer Refreshments

Conferences and trade shows generally require quite a bit of walking, and walking tends to make people hungry and thirsty. Hungry and thirsty people generally stand still long enough to consume their goodies, which means they’re in a prime position to listen to your spiel while they sip their Pepsi or Perrier and nosh on their chocolate chip cookies or caviar.

Trust us: Feed the masses. No one should get hangry on your watch!

Use Appropriate Signage

The signage you choose for your booth will have a huge impact on the amount of traffic you enjoy. Done properly, it can inform, intrigue and draw people in. Done poorly, it’s just more noise in an already loud environment.

Don’t just emblazon your banner with your logo or company name and call it good. Instead, include specific taglines on your signage that briefly convey what you do or, even better, what you can do for your customers. Remember: Many attendees won’t have heard of your small business before. Now is the time to make introductions, not rely on brand recognition alone.

Make People Comfy

A few creature comforts can go a long way toward attracting traffic and, like with offering refreshments, create a nearly captive audience. Think comfy chairs, portable charging stations or a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Don’t actively annoy these visitors with a hard sell, but do make sure you’re an engaging host. Chat them up, swap business cards and make them feel welcome.

Use All the Space

Conference and trade show booths aren’t known for their roominess. The more businesses the event organizers can cram into the space, the more dough they rake in. A 10×10 spot is standard. However, if you’re looking for more room, you can purchase additional adjoining spots and spread out a bit.

Space is a precious commodity, so it’s important to use it to the best of your abilities. Walls, floors, backdrops and even the space above your head are all fair game as long as you keep it between the lines. And making use of these commonly unused spaces can make your booth stand out even more!

Put Yourself Front and Center

An eye-catching conference booth is only as great as the staff manning it. You can have the prettiest space in the show, but if your pitch or personality falls flat, it’s all for naught.

However you choose to decorate your booth, make sure that you’re the star of the show. Put on your most welcoming smile, greet everyone who walks by, and represent your small business with style!

It’s Time to Stand Out in the Conference Crowd!

You’ve spent a pretty penny for your spot on the conference room floor. Don’t risk being overlooked! With proper planning, you can make your booth one that people can’t pass up!

Marketing at a conference or trade show is a great way to show off your small business skills, but it’s certainly not the only way. Get in touch with Mischa Communications today and we’ll help you explore all of your options.