Yes, We’re Open: Signage Benefits for Small Businesses

As a small business owner, your signage is likely the first thing people notice as they approach your building. For this reason, signage offers you a prime opportunity to increase awareness of your products and services, and make a clear statement about your company’s brand image.

In fact, a well-executed sign can be an effective marketing tool, helping you build recognition with consumers and boost sales. How? Let us count the reasons!

1. Make a good first impression.

Never miss an opportunity to leave a great impression on your customers. Dynamic signs featuring your company name, logo and even a clever tag line can serve as a powerful form of advertising. People driving through the neighborhood will take notice of a creative or eye-catching sign, and may even be drawn in to make an impulse purchase.

2. Establish an image.

Are you a yoga studio owner who wants to portray a peaceful, Zen-like image? Or, maybe you’re a restaurateur looking to advertise an upscale dining atmosphere. Signage is a great way to convey these characteristics to the public. The use of graphics, messaging, fonts and other word and design elements on a sign can give customers a visual representation of what makes your company special.

3. Capture people’s attention 24/7.

The great thing about signs is that they keep working … even when you’re not! So, if a potential customer happens to wander by your business after hours, they’ll still be able to get a taste of what products and services you have to offer. It’s an inexpensive form of round-the-clock marketing.

4. Provide valuable information.

Want to get the word out about an upcoming sale you’re holding? Or, make people aware of a new service you’re offering? Let your signs do the talking. Custom signage is a useful and budget-friendly way of announcing upcoming happenings at your business, and may drive customers to your door sooner than you think!

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