7 Small Business Blog Ideas for When You’ve Run Out

We’ve all been there. You’ll be staring at a blank Word document with fingers hovering above the keyboard, longing for the small business gods to send a lightning bolt of inspiration straight through your brain and give you something (anything!) to blog about.

You already know how important blogging is for your small business. It’s one of the best (and free-est!) ways to spread the word about your products and services, and gain some new customers in the process. But no one ever said it was easy. Ideation can be a fickle friend at best, and a pain in the butt on any average Tuesday.

If you’re stuck for topics, here are a few tried-and-true ideas.

An Owner Profile

Who are you? Who are the people who work for or with you? Why did you decide to start this business? What are your goals, your values and your favorite pizza topping? Sure, it may seem a bit self-serving, but for your customers, it’s a chance to get to know you a bit better — and people tend to buy from businesses they know! Already have an owner profile? Give your audience an update! What’s new with you (or your team, or your store)? Did you go to a new coffee farm in Brazil to source for new beans? Did you get a new copy machine that’s 10 times faster than what you have now? Do you have new team members that customers should expect to interact with?

A Product or Service Profile

What is your most popular offering? Why is it so popular? What makes it the best darn widget or whirligig around? And most importantly: Why should someone buy it?

A How-To Post

Think of your products and/or services. Now, think of a question someone might have that applies to them. Voila! Instant blog post, just add words. For instance, a cake decorator could describe how she makes rosettes; an appliance repairman could teach people how to connect their water line to an ice maker. This can also work in another way: Is your product kind of tricky to use, or does it have new features? Create a how-to guide. If you can use pictures, great! If you can shoot video, even better!


Newsjacking is the process of taking a current event, putting your own spin on it, and tying the post to your products or services. Example: What Pokémon Go Can Teach Us About Small Business Marketing. See what we did there? We just newsjacked ourselves for your benefit!

Spotlight a Customer

Everyone loves to feel appreciated, so why not spotlight your very best customer? Not only will this earn you serious brownie points from your new favorite person, it will also give your audience a case of the warm-and-fuzzies.

Feature a Guest

Guest bloggers can provide a big benefit to your small business for two reasons. 1) You won’t have to write the post yourself; and 2) Popular bloggers have a big following that can be carried over to YOUR small business. (Be a good host, and make sure to return the favor if asked. Quid pro quo never hurt anyone!)

Find a Ghost(writer)

If you’re really stuck for ideas, there’s nothing wrong with outsourcing your content creation to someone with some serious experience in the field. (Side note: We have plenty of experience!) A good marketer will take a long look at your previous posts and expertly mimic your style. Your customers will never know the difference!

There are only so many ways you can say “Do business with me!” without sounding like a broken record and alienating your followers. Next time you’re stuck for ideas, change it up and offer up a blog post your readers can’t put down!

Stumped for ideas? Mischa Communications can help! Shoot us an email and let us be your muse!