5 Types of Posts Your Small Business Blog Needs

You have a small business blog. You update it regularly. You adhere to the rules of biz blogging. And all of that is great — but if your blog is a bit “blah,” you’re going to bore your audience – and bored audiences don’t stay audiences for long.

The solution to stagnation? Ever-changing content! But simply spinning your existing posts into something sort of new-ish won’t do. Instead, you need to vary your content, your topics and your posts to make your blog a one-stop shop for your readers.

Here are the five types of posts a great small business blog needs:

#1: Promotional Small Business Blog Posts

The whole reason you have a blog in the first place is to promote your business, so go for it! Brag about your new products and services. Inform everyone about your end-of-summer clearance sale. Share pictures of your volunteer projects, sponsorships and community events.

The trick is not to get too “salesy.” There’s a thin line between being fun and educational, and writing up a 500-word advertisement.

#2: Jump on Trending Topics

Piggybacking on recent news and trending topics is a fantastic way to funnel traffic your way. People already are searching for the information, so why shouldn’t they get it from your small business blog?

And if you can carefully craft a tie-in to your latest product … that’s all the better.

You should never newsjack sensitive subjects, however. The latest celebrity death or natural disaster are examples of news that you should consider off-limits. (Some brands have learned this the hard way!)

#3: Teach Your Readers With a “How-To”

Teach your audience how to do something. A landscaping company might publish a post on how to get yellow spots out of the lawn. A bakery could write a piece on how to properly apply fondant to a cake.

The benefits of how-to posts are threefold: They provide a service to the reader, they draw additional traffic to your site when people search the internet for information on your topic and they (can) explain how your products or services apply to the things they need to do.

#4: Evergreen Content

An evergreen post doesn’t change as time goes on. The topic remains relevant, it doesn’t need to be updated and the content will always seem fresh. These types of posts can serve as an anchor for your small business blog.

How-to posts actually are one type of evergreen post, but they also can include things like reviews or biographies.

#5: Mix It Up With Infographics

Everyone loves an infographic. They’re clear and easy to read, and no one needs to spend a ton of time scanning through blocks of text to find a single stat or snippet of information.

Infographics aren’t the easiest thing to create, so don’t feel compelled to dedicate those kinds of resources on too frequent a basis. But don’t be intimidated, either. There are plenty of free online tools to help you get started!

The types of posts you have on your blog matter nearly as much as having a blog in the first place! Find the right mix of entertainment, education, information and content, and you’ll also find success.

Confused about content? Terrified about topics? Give Mischa Communications a shout and let us help you take your blog from boring to boundless!