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4 Benefits of the Cloud for Small Businesses

You’ve probably heard the phrase “in the cloud” numerous times. But like many small business owners, you may be unsure what it really means. Cloud technology gives you the ability to store data on remote servers that can be accessed anywhere, on any device. Small businesses are in a unique position to benefit from the flexibility, scalability and streamlined processes offered by cloud computing. Here’s a closer look at what the cloud is in practical terms, and how can it help your small business.

1. Reduce IT Costs

For many small businesses, investing in IT can be expensive. Running the sophisticated software that your business needs requires purchasing the programs, buying servers and paying for IT staff or onsite consultants to configure and maintain the machines. Using cloud hosting and other cloud-based services eliminates the need for hardware purchases, dedicated space for technical equipment and full-time IT staff.

2. Eliminate Disaster Recovery Risks

A major risk to any business is the security of its data. In the unfortunate incident of a flood or fire, for example, the intellectual property that drives your business could be at risk. Cloud storage puts your mind at ease by storing your information remotely. Look for a reliable provider that regularly backs up their data offsite, and that observes strict security protocols to further ensure you’re protected against any issues.

3. Increase Mobility

One of the benefits of the cloud for small businesses is the ability to access your software programs and data anywhere. Employees can work remotely, virtual teams can collaborate, and mobile devices work seamlessly with your systems to dramatically increase your team’s productivity. Whether your business is virtual, your team is global, or you just want to provide more flexibility to your staff, a cloud infrastructure will change the way you think about doing business.

4. Better Collaboration

Cloud-based storage systems allow your team to seamlessly share documents. Real-time collaboration is possible, allowing your employees to work on documents together and see the changes as they unfold. It’s also simple to share large files, provide status updates, and troubleshoot issues when they occur.

For small businesses with limited staffs and budgets, cloud computing opens up a whole new approach to technology. If you’re ready to increase your flexibility, cut your costs, and improve employee productivity, explore cloud-computing options, such as Mischa Communications’ client goCloudOffice.