Hello, Customers! Location-Based Marketing for Small Businesses

“Location, location, location” is no longer just a catchphrase for real estate. Today, location is also important for small businesses working to reach local customers. From local directories, such as Bing, Google, and Yelp, to location-based coupons, incorporating this type of marketing into your overall strategy is crucial. Here’s a closer look at strategies for small businesses launching local marketing campaigns and insights into the business goals that local marketing is right for.

The Goals of Location-Based Marketing

More businesses than ever before are personalizing their marketing efforts to reach a local audience. Effective location-based campaigns can help you generate new leads, spread the word about products and services, and build deeper relationships with existing customers. There are two primary ways that location-based marketing can skyrocket your business to local stardom. The first is by connecting with customers on the hunt for specific products or services in your immediate area. The second is by offering coupons based on a customer’s location that gets her to take action now. Local marketing is all about immediacy, and capturing your prospect’s attention at the time of purchase.

Why Local Directories and Review Sites Matter

How often do you check reviews on Yelp or Google before making a decision about which restaurant or store to visit? An estimated 90% of all consumers search for business reviews online before heading out the door. Being active on these sites, ensuring that your contact information is correct, and encouraging satisfied customers to leave reviews helps you make a great first impression.

Get Started Using Local Directories and Review Sites

Yelp, Google Places and Bing are good places to begin. These sites allow business owners to claim their pages and add company information, making it easier for potential customers to find you when they’re searching online. Personalize your page with images of your small business, links to your website and details, such as hours and prices. Give people a better sense of your small business by customizing your listing with the information that will attract their attention.

Be Strategic about Local Coupons

Do you already have a robust list of customer information, including mobile phone numbers? Localized marketing enables you to use that data to reward loyal customers. With SMS marketing, you can send text messages with information about special discounts and sales. Have you ever entered a mall and received a text asking you to opt-in for exclusive access to a deal at a nearby store? That’s location-based marketing at its finest!

Consider launching a mobile campaign that targets customers when they enter a certain area. For example, you may want to work with a mobile developer to set up an invisible perimeter outside your business or at a local café that your customers frequent. When customers cross into the designated area, they’ll receive a text alert from your small business. Remember to include an enticing call to action to increase the chances that potential customers will opt-in to access your marketing message! Targeting customers with location-based coupons can drive foot traffic to your business and increase your sales conversions.

Location-based marketing strategies are a highly effective way to connect with local customers. If you’re interested in improving your small business’ local marketing efforts, Mischa Communications can help! Contact us today to discuss your marketing message needs.