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Why Small Business Saturday Is So Important This Year

small business saturday why 2023

Welcome to the calm before the storm.

Small Business Saturday (SBS) is just a handful of days away. Hopefully you’re prepped and ready by now, but if you’ve found yourself behind the 8-ball, that’s OK — there’s still time.

If you’re curious about what to do, we suggest taking a look at our Small Business Saturday tips.

But this week, we’re going to take some time out to discuss why Small Business Saturday is so important this year.

5 Reasons Small Business Saturday 2023 Matters So Much

We Haven’t Fully Recovered

The pandemic itself might be just a distant memory, but the mess it left behind is still very real. Most small businesses that survived did so by the skin of their teeth.

Small Business Saturday (and the holiday season in general) is one of the best opportunities for businesses still struggling with the effects of the past few years to recoup their losses and get back to where they were before the world took an extended and completely unplanned time out.

The Shoppers Are Ready

According to CivicScience, shoppers are set to make a big splash this SBS, with 18% of adults “very likely” to shop and 32% “somewhat likely” to shop on the big day. For Gen Z, the numbers are even higher, with 63% reporting they’re at least “somewhat likely” to turn out.

Worried about losing the battle against the Black Friday shoppers? Don’t be. More than 6 in 10 consumers intend to shop on both days.

People Genuinely Want to Help Your Business

There’s something about coming out the other side of a disaster in one piece that tends to bring people together. Your customers have seen you struggle, and they genuinely want to help you get back on your feet.

By welcoming them with open arms (and a deal or two), you’re rewarding their support through trying times and showing how much you appreciate their loyalty to your brand.

You Can Provide Service Big-Box Stores Can’t

When was the last time a Walmart employee gift-wrapped your purchase at the register or spent an hour leading you up and down the aisles helping you pick out the perfect present for your 87-year-old grandmother? We think “never” is a pretty safe guess.

For a small business, however, this type of service isn’t just possible — in many cases, it’s expected. And in a world of Walmarts, people are looking for that type of old-fashioned, customer-centric service, especially this time of year.

It’s a Chance to Create New Relationships

A lot of the people who visit you on Small Business Saturday might be unfamiliar with you. They won’t be regular customers — they’ll be the ones who turn up once a year so they can get the warm, fuzzy “I’m helping” feeling that comes with doing a good deed.

But just because someone isn’t a regular customer now doesn’t mean they can’t become one. By providing everyone who walks through your doors with an exemplary customer experience, you’re creating new relationships with people who wouldn’t be there if it weren’t for SBS.

You’re also showing them why they should patronize your business all year long!

Small Business Saturday 2023 is a Go!

Your Thanksgiving turkey might not even be thawing yet, but Small Business Saturday is knocking on your door. Be ready to usher it in in style! It’s more important than you might think.

The Mischa Communications team would like to wish you and yours a happy Thanksgiving and a successful Small Business Saturday. We’re grateful for you and committed to being here for all your business marketing needs. Our (virtual) door is always open!