How to Use UTM Parameters to Measure Your ROI

10 Oct

How to Use UTM Parameters to Measure Your ROI

If we asked you how much money your small business made last month, you’d be able to tell us. If we asked you how much one particular campaign made you last month, however, you might have to do some digging. And if we asked you to analyze the success of one campaign versus another, you’d probably just fix us with a blank stare and point...

31 Jul

What to Do When Your Content Is Awesome (But Not Getting Traffic)

We talk a lot about content. How to use it correctly, the different tools you can use to make it “pop," and most of all, how to improve it. But what if your content is already amazing? What if you’ve followed every single rule and suggestion, blazed your own creative trail and see no possible way to improve on perfection -- but you’re still not...

17 Jul

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Mistakes You Might Be Making (And How to Fix Them)

Driving traffic to your website is important. But what is all that traffic doing once it gets there? Are you making sales? Getting people to take the action you want them to take? In short -- are you converting? Conversion rate optimization (CRO for short) is the process of increasing the number of visitors taking a specific action -- whether it’s filling out a form,...

19 Jun

A Small Business Beginner’s Guide to Google Analytics

How is your website performing? How many hits did you have last Tuesday? How many of those hits came from Michigan? What was your bounce rate? How long did the average user stay on a page? Those of you using Google Analytics can probably answer all of these questions in a matter of minutes with a simple glance at their dashboards. Those who aren’t using Google...

30 May

How to Build a High-Conversion Landing Page for Your Small Business

Imagine you’re on a road trip. You’ve spent the past 500 miles or so seeing huge billboards for an amusement park. The closer you get, the more elaborate the billboards become, promising rides, entertainment and all the fried food you could ever want. The excitement is palpable. But when you pull into the lot, you’re met with a rusted Ferris wheel, a man dressed in...

20 Mar

How to Blog for Your Small Business When You Don’t Write Good

(This is Part 2 of our three-part series on supercharging your small business blog. Catch up with Part 1 here, and come back next week when we talk about blogging for “boring” businesses.) You already know how important it is for your small business to have a blog. And you want to do it, you really, really do. Problem is, writing isn’t your best suit!...

Is Small Business SEM Worth It? 3 Things You Need to Know

Search engines such as Google are fickle, funny things. The algorithms seem to change daily, and what worked great yesterday might be a flop today. If your small business is struggling to climb the search rankings with little to no success, search engine marketing -- or SEM for short -- might be right for you. SEM is a type of paid advertising -- think a Google AdWords campaign -- that makes your website more visible in keyword searches. You’re essentially paying a fee to cut ahead in line, rather than waiting for your (presumably awesome) site to climb its way to the top organically. Sounds easy, right? Not so fast. While SEM can and does work very well for many...

12 Dec

10 New Year Resolutions for Your Small Business

The year is winding down to a close. As most people begin to shift their focus from 2016 to 2017, New Year resolutions are made: to lose weight, to nix a bad habit, to finally seek help for their Netflix addiction. While those are all admirable personal goals (who needs to binge-watch an entire season of Stranger Things in one night, anyway?), your small business...

29 Aug

5 Tips to Make Your Good Small Business Website Great!

Any middle school student with a school-issued tablet can make a website. But you don’t want just a website -- you want a professional site that drives real business. That’s why you spent time, effort and (probably) money to make a good website. Except good doesn’t cut it anymore. If you want to keep up with the Joneses – or more importantly, your competition –...

16 Feb

Everything You Need to Know About WordPress for Your Small Business

Almost 75 million websites (nope, that number is not a typo!) use WordPress, and half of them pay exactly zero dollars to do it. But what is WordPress, how does it work and how can it help you succeed? Here’s the “word” on using WordPress for your small business. What Is WordPress? WordPress is an open-source content management system (CMS). With it, you can create any...