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How to Build a Better RIA Website

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If you are (or run) a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), you know how important it is to instill trust in your clients from the first point of contact. And that first touchpoint is usually your website.

A visitor to your RIA website will form an opinion about it (and your firm, by proxy) in just 50 milliseconds. If they’re not immediately impressed by what they see, they will leave — and they will take their money with them.

So, if after reading that, you suddenly feel compelled to build a better website that turns prospective leads into satisfied clients, we get it. And we think these tips will help.

6 Ways to Make Your RIA Website Shine

1. Tune Up the Basics

Before you start making grand, sweeping improvements, make sure you have all the basic bases covered, such as:

  • Is your staff directory up to date?
  • Does your website reflect any recent additions to your services?
  • Are you optimized for mobile?

Outdated info, slow loading times, broken links or glitchy graphics all send the wrong message to potential customers.

2. Put Your Best Face Forward

The financial industry relies heavily on relationship building. People want to know who’s handling their money. So your About Us page needs to really sell your firm.

Use recent, realistic photos of your staff, from the receptionist who will greet clients when they walk in the door to the senior planner who people might only see on occasion. Putting a face to a name helps create personal connections.

This is also the place to tell your story. Who are you, why do you do what you do, and what’s your value proposition?

3. Offer a Client Portal

Your RIA clients want options. While some might feel more comfortable letting you do the heavy lifting, others want a more DIY approach. Which is why creating a client portal that lets people log in, check on their investments, make changes and more is a good idea.

You can also use a client portal to introduce a gamification strategy that will improve your engagement and retention rates. For instance, show a completion percentage bar as your clients read through educational blogs or watch short videos on financial literacy within the portal.

4. Position Yourself as a Leading Authority

Your website’s blog is your chance to show prospective clients that you’re a competent, knowledgeable firm. Regularly update it with posts that position yourself as a leading authority in your industry.

Be sure to have a mix of basic informational posts, thought leadership pieces, and pillar content. By including posts of various length and depth, you’re satisfying all levels of client curiosity!

5. Cater to Different Audience Segments

Your customers each come with their own individual needs, so show them that those needs matter by building different segments into your site that include the information that concerns them most.

For instance, you might have one section for individuals, one for business owners, and one for retirees. This ensures that no one has to wade through information that doesn’t pertain to them, and it shows your audience that you’re equipped to meet all different types of needs.

6. Sing Your Own Praises

Does your firm have any awards or accreditations? Have you been featured on a “best of” list or in the local media? Do you have any press releases? If so, shout it out on your website!

Anything you have that shows your RIA firm in a positive light can only help bolster your reputation and net you new clients.

Is It Time for a Website Overhaul?

Your website should never be stagnant. It needs to grow and change along with your RIA firm. There’s always something you can improve on if you’re willing to look hard enough!

At Mischa Communications, we have a top-notch website development team, and they can’t wait to meet you. Don’t keep them waiting!