Celebrate Your Small Business’s Anniversary in Style!

small business anniversary

Every small business owner has heard the stats. Twenty percent of small businesses fail within their first year. The five-year survival rate is a coin flip at best.

Those are grim numbers. And that’s exactly why every milestone is something to be celebrated — not just among your family, friends and staff, but with your customers as well!

Whether you’re marking your first year or your 20th, we have the tips to make your next anniversary celebration one for the record books.

Spruce Up Your Website, Social Media Pages and Marketing Materials

An anniversary is a big deal — it’s a sign of strength and stability to would-be and current customers alike. So make sure they know you’re celebrating by creating special graphics that put a spotlight on your milestone. A great design team can create custom logos and banner ads to showcase on your website and social media pages. Your letterhead, business cards and other marketing materials can be changed to reflect the number of years you’ve been in business.

If you have a brick-and-mortar location, a change of decoration is definitely in order! Signage, banners and even special touches like balloons and flowers help make the atmosphere more festive for your customers.

Show Your Appreciation

You would be nowhere without your patrons, so make them the focus of the celebration. Commemorative swag, special discounts and handwritten thank-you cards go a long way toward making people feel valued. And a customer who feels valued is far more likely to offer you their repeat business than one who feels lost in the shuffle.

For milestone anniversaries, a proper party is a fantastic way to celebrate. A customer-appreciation event featuring food, games and prizes can really pack the house. It’ll also give you a chance to get to know those who have supported you, and to thank them in person.

Create Special “Anniversary” Offerings

Celebrations are great, but you’re still running a business. And that business needs to continue to bring in money if you hope to be around for your next anniversary. Freebies are fine, but special limited-time offerings can help make up for the cash you’re shelling out to wine and dine your customers.

Do you sell specialty chocolates? Consider creating an anniversary-themed sampler that includes your most popular offerings. Are you a hair stylist? A discounted package that offers a variety of services to be used over the next 12 months will keep customers coming back all year long.

Don’t Forget About Your Team!

While it’s true that your customers should be the focus of the celebration, it’s important to remember the people who have worked alongside you since the very beginning: your employees.

Plan a separate event where you and your team can let down your hair and celebrate without the pressure of catering to customers. A dinner party, a night out at a local comedy club or a group excursion (on your dime, of course) shows your employees that you see and appreciate their commitment. It can help improve morale, too, meaning they may work even harder for your business in the future!

Let’s Get This Party Started

Keeping a small business above water is a full-time job, and every year you manage it successfully is cause for celebration. While some anniversaries are bigger than others (you may go all out for a first, fifth or 10th anniversary, for example), you should never let one pass without some sort of acknowledgment.

You did the hard work. Now, let Mischa Communications plan the party! We’ve helped plenty of small businesses celebrate their anniversaries in a big way.

Are you next? Let’s talk.