Small Business Blogging: Why Your Voice Matters

small business blogging voice

Every voice is unique.

It’s how a simple “Hi, honey,” lets us know it’s Grandma on the other end of the phone. It’s how we know it’s our favorite singer on the radio, even if we’ve never heard the song before. And (if done correctly, at least) it’s how we know that a social media post, email or blog has come from a particular small business, even without looking at the name attached.

Your small business’s “voice” is a huge part of your brand identity. If you’re feeling a little tongue-tied, here’s what you need to know.

What Is a “Voice”?

When we talk about a voice in writing, we’re talking about a bunch of different components that make up the way you speak to your audience. It’s your word choices. It’s the level of formality you use. It’s whether you say “it’s” or “it is.”

Do you use big words or short sentences? Do you write in first or third person? Are you authoritative or conversational?

All of these individual choices make up your small business’s voice, and that voice needs to remain consistent in anything you write.

The Difference Between “Voice” and “Tone”

It’s important to note that voice is not the same thing as tone. Your tone will change depending on what you’re writing about. Your voice will not.

For example, a blog post about the fun you had showcasing your small business at your last community event will have a much different tone than a blog post announcing the death of a beloved customer. But your voice — the way you speak to your audience — will remain the same, regardless.

So … Why Is Your Small Business Voice So Important?

It Creates Recognition

Morgan Freeman. Sean Connery. James Earl Jones. When we think of these people, we can almost hear their voices in our minds.

The same should go for your small business. Everything you write needs to be uniquely “you.” If a fan of your blog happens to stumble across something you guest-wrote for another business, they should instantly think, “Hey, this sounds like Paul from Puppies ‘R Us!”

It Attracts the Right Audience

Ideally, your voice should be tailored to your target audience. Who do you want walking through your door?

If your dream customer is a twenty-something city-dweller with an affinity for man buns and skinny jeans, your voice will sound a lot different than if you’re trying to cater to rural, moonshine-drinking good ol’ boys.

When you speak the same language as your target audience, it makes it easier to attract the people most likely to support your small business and deter the ones who would just be a waste of marketing effort.

It Sets You Apart

We’ve all seen a blog that looks like it’s having an identity crisis. Some entries look like they’re written with rocket scientists in mind. Others look like they were written by literal children.

A well-written, cohesive blog sets you apart from small businesses that just don’t “get” why their voice matters. It lends credence to your brand. And it can draw customers away from the competition and straight to your doors.

Are You Ready to Become a Smooth Talker?

Not all business owners are cut out to be bloggers, and that’s OK. There’s nothing wrong with outsourcing it to a talented marketing agency. Just make sure they are able to emulate the voice you want your customers to hear!

Cat got your tongue? Mischa Communications can help your find your voice. Speak up!