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A Small Business’ Guide to Content Marketing

content marketing

Content marketing isn’t the wave of the future – it’s already here, and if your small business isn’t using it yet, you’re getting left behind.

Content marketing — which covers everything from articles and blogs to videos and infographics — is indispensable in a world where people DVR TV shows so they can fast-forward through the commercials. Even big brands have problems getting results with traditional advertising; so for small businesses, content marketing is a must.

Content Marketing 101

Imagine you’re in the market for a vacuum cleaner. You type “best vacuum cleaner” into your favorite search engine and the results are … well, plentiful.

You narrow your choices down to two potential candidates. Company one’s website features flashy banner ads, a money-back guarantee, a contact phone number and not much else. Company two’s website provides in-depth customer reviews, articles about the best way to vacuum up everything from peanut shells to kitty litter, videos showing their vacuum in action and a killer infographic comparing their product to the competition.

Which would you choose?

Probably two. Because that brand has used its website content to successfully established itself as a leading authority in the industry. This is the essence of content marketing.

Benefits of Content Marketing

An Ascend2 study of 290 businesses and marketing professionals has good news: 89% of those surveyed said that content marketing works. Not only does it establish your small business as an expert in the field, it helps with search engine optimization. (Businesses with blogs have 434% more indexed pages than those without.) In addition, well-written, engaging content can get you more social media followers.

As far as your current and potential customers are concerned, content marketing takes some of the pressure off. Visitors to your small business website, blog or social media pages aren’t going to feel the “hard sale.” In fact, when done correctly, they may not even realize they’re being marketed to at all.

The Bottom Line

Content marketing can deliver truly amazing results for your small business. Today’s consumers aren’t interested in print advertisements, television commercials or radio ads – they don’t want to hear your sales pitch or feel pressured to buy your product. They already know what they need; you just have to (subtly) lead them to it!

Mischa Communication’s marketing gurus are ready and eager to show you how beneficial content marketing can be to your small business. Whether you sell vacuums, Venezuelan pine nuts or handmade Valentine’s cards, we can help you tap a whole new market.

Drop us a line today and let us show you how engaging content can take your small business into the big leagues.