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What Should Your Small Business’s FAQ Page Cover?

FAQ page

You have better things to do than answer the same question over and over again. Unfortunately, those questions are new to your small business customers, so you’ll have to keep on fielding them.

The solution? An iron-clad FAQ (frequently asked questions) page on your website and social media platforms! No longer will Bill from Baltimore call and ask about your operating hours right after you’ve just finished giving the same details to Andrea in Arkansas. You’ll free up plenty of time for you and your employees — if your FAQ page actually addresses the real questions your customers are asking.

Here’s what your FAQ page needs to include.

Just the Facts

The first items on any FAQ list should be:

  • Location
  • Hours of operation
  • Contact information

Does someone need to know how to get ahold of you on a Sunday after your small business has closed? Provide an email address. Is someone wondering which public transit lines service your brick and mortar location? Better include that, too.

In general, the more “basics” you can offer, the better. Does it seem “too” basic? It’s fine. If people don’t need the info, they won’t look for it. But if they do, it will be there waiting for them.

The (Not So Basic) Basics

If Tara in Tennessee needs a product shipped to her grandma in Tasmania, can you handle it? Do you offer international shipping? If so, at what cost?

What is your refund policy? If John’s package didn’t get to his parent’s house in Jersey in time for their 50th anniversary party, can he recoup some of the shipping costs?

Who is your preferred shipping carrier? What happens if that particular carrier doesn’t service Samantha’s house on the outskirts of San Diego? Is there an alternative?

The more in-depth your FAQ page goes, the less you’ll have to answer the same questions on repeat.

The Fan Favorites

If your small business has been open for any length of time, you can probably identify the questions that you get asked the most. Absolutely add those to your FAQ file!

If you’re a baker, people probably want to know your turnaround time on special orders. Include that! If you’re a veterinarian, there’s a good chance your clientele wants to know how much it costs for a spay, neuter or new-pet checkup. Put that in, too.

The longer you’re in business, the longer your FAQ list will be. Remember: You are saving yourself time by adding those oft-asked questions to your queue!

The Technical Nitty Gritty

What happens if your customer has forgotten their username and password? How can they reset their preferences? How would they go about cancelling their subscriptions?

Don’t forget to add useful technical details to your FAQs. You’ll thank yourself for it later!

Pro Tip: Create Categories

Imagine you’re accessing an FAQ page on a random website. You’re looking for a specific answer, but it’s lost in the mumbo jumbo. You’ll probably be a bit frustrated, right?

That’s why categories are so important. If you’re looking for contact info, it should be under the “Contact” heading. Need some information on shipping? There should be a category for that, too. The same goes for technical questions, product questions, et al. While not everything will fit neatly into its own category, do your best!

(Does an item possibly belong in multiple categories? Insert the item into both.)

Make Your FAQ Page Fantastic!

You have enough to do every day. Don’t waste precious minutes (or hours) answering the same questions ad nauseum! A proper FAQ page will save you time while still providing your valued customers with the information they seek.

From FAQs to ROIs, Mischa Communications has the tips, tools and resources you need to keep your small business running in the black. How can we help?