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Small Business Video Marketing: The Real Deal?

When it comes to online preferences, there are two groups of people: Those who love their content in video form, and everyone else. Lately, however, the “everyone else” group has been dwindling, with 45 percent of respondents to a recent Animoto survey indicating that they prefer video over any other social media medium.

This news comes on the heels of reports that Facebook, everyone’s favorite social media giant, fudged their average viewing time numbers to the tune of somewhere between 60 and 900 percent. (Not a typo.)

A year or so later, Zuck & Co. finally admitted that their numbers were accidentally inflated due to faulty metrics and blamed the delayed fix on an understaffed engineering team. But not before advertisers and news media agencies around the world pink-slipped their editorial staffs in favor of people who could hold a camera marginally steady.

So what’s the real deal? Is video as profitable as it seems, or did Facebook’s skewered numbers build a bandwagon for everyone to jump onto? We have the scoop.

A Minute Is Worth 1.8 Million Words

If we go by the old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words, video is clearly a better choice, according to this infographic. One digital marketer suggests that you’d need to write 1.8 million words to have the same effect as a single 60 second video. (That’s more than twice the number of words in the Bible, if you’re wondering.)

Video Is Integral in Purchasing Decisions

For 45 percent of consumers, a video is the very first touchpoint they have with your small business. Only 29 percent said that they decided to buy your product or service because of a sponsored post.

For Millennials, Social Media Video > Television Commercials

In a world where we DVR our favorite programs just so we can fast-forward through the commercials, it’s no surprise that millennials have lost patience with constant advertising. However, that trend doesn’t seem to carry over to the internet – 57 percent of them watch more ads on social media than on television. (For older generations, the number is 46 percent.)

For Marketers, Video Offers the Best ROI

If you’re looking for some significant bang for your proverbial buck, you can’t beat video marketing. Sixty-three percent of marketers say it offers a better return on their investment than photos, blogs or other mediums.

Video Is Increasing on Nearly Every Social Media Platform

With the exception of Facebook and Pinterest, every major social media platform has seen a rise in video-driven purchases over the past year, with Instagram leading the way with a 17 percent increase. (Facebook and Pinterest stayed the same from 2017 to 2018.)

Is the Pivot to Video Legit?

Despite Facebook gaming the system — accidentally, we’re sure — in favor of video marketing, the independently sourced numbers don’t lie: Video is the real deal, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

So how do you capitalize? Here are some tips.

  • Pay attention to length. Shorter videos tend to perform better than the longer ones, and it’s crucial to capture your audience’s attention straight out of the gate. You only have two to three seconds to make it count.
  • Be sure your video adds value. As cute as your cat may look batting at an ornament on the Christmas tree, most of your viewers don’t care. How-to, top five and video that promote deals do best on social media.
  • Optimize your video for mobile. We are never not going to say this. Mobile, mobile, mobile!
  • Don’t bury the lede. We get it — you want to keep people watching. But suspense in online video marketing doesn’t usually work well. You’re more apt to turn your audience off than keep them on the edge of their seat. Get your message across as soon as possible and then build on it.

The vast majority of marketers (73 percent) say they create at least two new videos a month, and a whopping 93 percent say it brings new customers into the fold. Can you afford to ignore those stats?

Whether you’re Team Video or Team Text, Mischa Communications has a marketing solution for you. Reach out today and tell us how we can help your small business grow!