Does Word of Mouth Still Have a Place in Business Marketing?

word of mouth business marketing

Despite how much money gets plowed into other types of marketing each year, the answer to this blog’s title is still a rhetorical question. The obvious answer is “Yes, word of mouth has a huge place in business marketing.”

It always has, and it probably always will.

Word-of-mouth marketing accounts for $6 trillion a year in global spend. Sixty-four percent of marketers say it’s more effective than any other single marketing type. And when a friend or family member recommends a brand, 88% of people say they’ll trust it without question.

So yes. Word of mouth is a big deal. It’s effectively free advertising. When you sell amazing products and services, people are going to talk, and the people they’re talking to will have a good reason to show up at your door. Sell this group amazing products and services, too, and the cycle perpetuates.

Let’s get to it, then. Here’s how to get your current customers to start the cycle of word-of-mouth marketing:

Offer Fantastic Products and Services

If you want people to tell others how great your offerings are, you need to actually be great. People aren’t shouting from the rooftops about “meh” goods; most will only talk about really, really good experiences – or really, really bad ones.

So, earning word-of-mouth marketing starts with offering a great product or service. Check out what your competitors are doing, then do it better. If you want people to talk, you have to give them something to talk about!

Don’t Skimp on the Service

Getting people to talk might start with a great offering, but it doesn’t end there.

You can sell the best darn doodad on earth, but if it’s not backed up by stellar customer service, it’s all for nothing.

Be friendly, welcoming and helpful throughout the entire sales journey. And remember: That journey doesn’t necessarily end when the cash register closes. Follow up with your customers, answer any questions they have after the sale, and do everything you can to keep them coming back for more.

Develop Personal Relationships

You have a choice between two coffee stands.

One has a barista who knows your name, remembers your regular order, piles on some extra whip at no charge and has been known to double-punch your loyalty card when they sense you’re having a rough day.

The other has a barista who just sells you coffee.

If the java itself is equal, you’re probably going to choose the first stand – and that’s the experience you should strive to give your customers every day. When they feel like they’re a member of the family instead of just a credit card with legs, they’re going to tell other people.

Make Yourself Easy to Talk About

People are busy. They might have had a great experience with your business, but if they have to jump through too many hoops to tell others about it, they might decide it’s not worth their time.

Make it easy for your customers to share their encounter with your business. Use social sharing buttons on your website, email messages and blog posts. Solicit customer reviews and make the submission process as simple as possible.

And remember, there’s no harm in offering people a little something in return for spreading the word!

Keep Your Name in Your Customer’s Mouths!

You definitely want your name constantly on the tip of your customers’ tongues. When you provide amazing offerings backed up by personalized customer service and make it easy for people to share their experiences, you’re going to have everyone talking!

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