3 Small Business Marketing Tips to Win Your Customers’ Hearts at Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day isn’t traditionally known as a shopping holiday, but it’s still a $13 billion industry.

If your small business is an intimate café or a floral shop, you’ve got it made this time of year. But how can non-romantic businesses make their customers feel the love this time of year? It’s easier than you might think to win your customers’ hearts — and their dollars — with these small business marketing tips.

1. Get Cute on Social Media

Facebook and Twitter are great places to spread the word about your small business, and start conversations with your customers! Give your followers a place to discuss their special someone. Whether it’s a “How did you meet?” Facebook question or Twitter contest for the best proposal story, get the conversation going – and the new customers coming. To entice your followers, try rewarding them with an exclusive coupon or chance to win a Valentine-themed prize package!

2. Tell Your Own Love Story

This Valentine’s Day, give the marketing talk a break on your blog and treat your customers to a heartfelt, personal story – your own!

Whether you talk about how you fell in love with your spouse, what you love about your small business or how much your customers mean to you, it’ll serve as a sweet reminder that there’s a person behind your small business brand.

3. Show Your Customers Some Love

Valentine’s Day is all about love, so show your small business customers some. Offer a free bottle of wine, teddy bear or box of chocolates to people who make qualifying purchases. Give a discount to anyone who strolls your aisles holding hands. Or hand out valentines to everyone who stops by your small business during February.

Whether you take the conversation social, tell your personal story or give out gifts, give your customers a reason to fall in love with your small business this Valentine’s Day.

Need some more small business marketing ideas for this  lovely season of wine and roses? Give Mischa a call, and we’ll help make you the object of your customers’ affection!