Beyond Pumpkin Spice: Small Business Marketing Ideas for Fall

The leaves are turning, the nights are getting chilly and everything from coffee to Zinfandel wine has been infused with a “hint” of pumpkin spice.

Yes, autumn is here, and that means more than hoodies, bonfires and hot apple cider – it also means it’s time to nail down some small business marketing ideas for fall.

Support Your Local Team

There’s nothing quite like a high school football game beneath the Friday night lights, but don’t just be a spectator. Athletic departments rely on small business owners like you to help support the team.

Give back to your community by partnering with your local high school. Whether you team up for a fundraiser, buy some new equipment or just pay to put your name (and a discount coupon) on the game program, your small business will earn some serious community kudos while supporting a great cause.

If you have a brick-and-mortar business, you can take it a step further by offering a discount to anyone wearing the home team’s colors.

Host Fall-Themed Giveaways

Nothing engages an audience more than free stuff, so think up some awesome autumn contests. A photography contest for the best fall foliage picture, a prize for the greatest pumpkin pie recipe or a “spookiest house on the block” competition can lead customers to your website and social media pages.

Be sure to offer everyone something for participating. A 10%-off coupon, a BOGO deal or an entry into a consolation drawing at the end of the season makes it worth their while to submit their entries.

Plan Ahead

As crazy as it seems, the holidays are just around the corner. Show your customers some advance gratitude by including a coupon with each purchase. The catch? Their discount can only be redeemed during a pre-determined “holiday shopping” period.

Not only will this earn you some business now, it will coax your customers back when the gift-giving season arrives – effectively converting one sale into two!

There’s more to fall than pumpkin spice. Whether you’re looking for more great autumn marketing ideas for your small business, or just need some help implementing the ones you already have, Mischa Communications can help! Drop us a line, and we’ll help your small business celebrate the season.