3 Times Your Small Business Brand Needs a Stick of Dynamite

Dealing with a struggling small business brand is like purchasing a run-down home: Sometimes you can fix the issues with a fresh coat of paint and some new plumbing, but other times it makes more sense to burn the house down and rebuild it.

As difficult as it is to acknowledge the fact that your small business brand just isn’t working anymore, it happens – and when it does, you need to act fast to stay relevant.

Here are three instances where it might make sense to start a new with your small business’ branding.

1. Your Customers Don’t “Get” You.

You spent many a sleepless night in the early days of your small business putting together a branding strategy, and you thought it was a pretty darn good strategy.

Unfortunately, your target audience just doesn’t get it. They’re not engaging on your social media channels. They’re not responding to your special offers. And they’re definitely not buying your products or services.

If your fan base is lagging or disinterested, there’s no harm in a complete rebranding effort. A new brand image can breathe life into a stagnant business while attracting new customers.

2. Your Small Business Brand is Out of Date.

In the early days of AOL and MySpace, your small business brand was cutting edge, but the world has changed since then. Unfortunately, your company hasn’t.

Your old school website, logo and marketing materials might impress the retro-hipster crowd, but don’t underestimate the power of a fresh, modern brand. If you haven’t done any brand updates since the Backstreet Boys were popular, it’s probably time for a refresh.

3. You’ve Grown, Changed or Expanded.

Small businesses start small, but they don’t always remain that way. Your brand may have started out as a mom and pop ice cream shop, but since then, your Pop moved to Boca, and you’ve expanded into a full-service gourmet organic ice cream parlor with several locations.

As your business changes, your brand has to follow suit. Periodic updates are fine, but there comes a time when it’s just more advantageous to do a total overhaul!

It’s hard to start from scratch with your small business brand. We know – two and a half years ago, we rebranded ourselves! The end results, however, are definitely worth it.

Whether your small business needs a small branding charge or a couple sticks of dynamite, Mischa Communications can help you through the process. Just drop us a line if you need a hand.