The Power of Brand Advocacy

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Do you have loyal fans? Turn them into brand advocates!

Brand advocacy — simply put, when an individual cheerleads your business — is important for any company of any size. It increases trust and authority, expands your reach, boosts awareness and helps you connect with your audience on a deeper level.

The fact that it’s (basically) free marketing certainly doesn’t hurt, either!

Brand advocates will sing your praises to their friends, families and (on social media) even complete strangers. They’re the people who are first in line for each product launch. They regularly engage with your company on social media. And they’re the ones willing to carry around a stack of your business cards in case they run into anyone who needs what you’re selling.

But who are these people, how do you find them, and how do you use them to your advantage?

Let’s talk about it.

Brand Advocacy: Who’s Up for It?

Anyone can be a brand advocate. The only qualifications are that they need to really love your business and be driven to help you promote it.

Here are a few groups to consider pulling brand advocates from:

  • Current customers: Current, paying customers are the best people by far to promote your brand because they have no skin in the game. They’re not being prodded, paid or otherwise coerced to talk you up — they simply feel passionate about your products and services.
  • Business partners: If you partner with other businesses, you should each consider advocating for each other’s brand. Word-of-mouth recommendations or reciprocal social posts can expose each of you to a new audience. And since their customers presumably like their business, it’ll be easier to convince them that they’ll like yours, too.
  • Employees: Your employees know your business, products and services inside and out, so they’re a fantastic choice for advocacy. According to LinkedIn, an employee’s social media post has 10 times the reach of one made on the main business page, so empowering (and incentivizing) your employees to promote your brand helps tremendously.
  • Influencers: Influencers count as brand advocates, even if they’re compensated. However, as with any other type of influencer marketing, it’s important to make sure that the partnership makes sense if you hope to be seen as authentic.

How Do You Find People Willing to Advocate for Your Brand?

The people who will advocate for your brand the most voraciously are often the easiest people to find.

It’s the customer who brings a different friend or family member to your brick-and-mortar location each week and raves about how much she enjoys the treatment she receives. Or it’s the person who tags your business several times a week on social media in response to people asking for recommendations.

It’s the employee who can’t wait to get to work each day and always brings new ideas to the table at the weekly meetings. Or the local celebrity who gives you a shout out on their Instagram page without prompting.

If you’re having a difficult time finding staunch brand advocates, head to social media. By employing social listening tactics, you’ll be able to “hear” what people are saying about you and recruit those who have nothing but good things to talk about.

Once you’ve found your team of brand advocates, it’s important to set them (and yourself!) up for success. Make sure you clearly communicate what’s expected of them, arm them with the knowledge and tools they need to rep your brand, and provide perks and incentives along the way.

When you’re a brand worth advocating for, advocates won’t be hard to find!

Who Will Champion Your Brand?

Cultivating a team of brand advocates gives your business a louder voice and amplifies your reach and credibility. Don’t sit on this marketing strategy — embrace it!

At Mischa Communications, we’re committed to providing businesses just like yours with the latest and greatest marketing tactics available. We’re here to help!