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3 Tips for Writing a Press Release That Will Get Your Small Business in the News

Believe it or not, press releases are still pretty relevant, even in today’s “media on demand” world. They can help spread the word (for free!) about your small business, products and services, opening you up to a slew of new customers and clients.

Here’s the bad news: Most press releases fail. They don’t get picked up by your local new outlets, let alone the major publications with huge circulations.

Often, it’s a simple case of wrong place, wrong time and wrong audience. Although writing a press release is a big deal for you and your small business, journalists receive a ton of them every week. On average, they spend less than a minute on each one.

If you’re looking to get your press release out to the masses, here are some must-read tips that will increase your chances of being deemed “newsworthy.”

1. Do Your Research

Putting together a solid press release is no easy job. And if you haven’t done your research before you submit it to your chosen publications, it’s all for naught.

If you sell non-exploding hoverboards, don’t waste your time sending your press release to a magazine that caters to senior citizens. Instead, do the necessary homework and find publications that match your target audience.

2. Start Locally

Everyone wants to see their press released featured in the Los Angeles Times, but the reality is that even most small businesses that exist in L.A. don’t get in. If you’re a three-man operation from Smalltown, Somewhere Else – forget it!

The people who are most likely to patronize your small business are already in your community, so don’t discount your weekly newspaper circulars or local newsrooms. When you start getting noticed locally, bigger news outlets will start noticing you – but for now, small is just fine!

3. Bait Your Hook

Press releases are a lot like fishing – you cast your line out there and hope that something, somewhere, will bite. But unless you’re using the right bait, you’re going to be waiting for quite a while.

What does your small business do that could be considered newsworthy? Are you a cobbler who donates shoes to the homeless? A sports memorabilia shop that sponsors the local Little League team? A water-delivery service that donates a proceed of all sales to developing countries that go without precious H2O?

Whatever you do that’s above and beyond the norm can make you newsworthy – and when you’re newsworthy, the media will take notice. Don’t be afraid to toot your own horn a bit.

Are you looking to “stop the presses?” Mischa Communications can help. Give us a call and we’ll help you write a press release that will have people taking notice.