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How to Create Compelling Content for Business-to-Business Audiences

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Business-to-business (B2B) marketers share many of the same responsibilities as their business-to-consumer (B2C) counterparts … but they also face a different set of challenges.

Because you’re not pitching directly to the end consumer, your content marketing strategies need to be a bit different than B2C.

Imagine you own a landscaping service. If you’re creating B2C content, you might write a blog post about which plants thrive in the sun versus in the shade. Or you might shoot a short video that shows the proper way to transplant rosebushes.

Your DIY content might be helpful, but your B2B audience doesn’t care. They have an office building downtown that needs someone to handle the landscaping on a weekly basis. They’re not doing it themselves. And since your content isn’t explaining how you can specifically solve their problem, they’ll move on to someone who does.

With that mindset, the following tips will help you tailor B2B marketing content designed to get business decision-makers on board.

Want to Wow B2B Audiences With Your Content? Here’s How!

Address Their Pain Points

To provide the right type of content to your B2B audience, you need to understand the challenges they face on a daily basis, then show them how you can help.

Are they worried about the price of your project or service? Create a cost/benefit analysis that clearly shows how much money they’ll save in the long run by choosing your business.

Are they struggling to keep up with industry trends? Regularly push out thought leadership content that helps them stay in the know.

When you know what your audience needs, it’s easier to create content that addresses their pain points. From there, it’s easier to demonstrate how you’re the best solution.

Provide Value

With B2C transactions, you’re trying to convince a single person to purchase your product or service. In B2B marketing, however, you might have to convince an entire team of decision-makers. Thus, the more value you can offer, the better.

Create quality content that educates and informs. While B2C audiences can quickly get overwhelmed by deep dives and data-heavy subject matter, the opposite is generally true for B2B audiences. They need robust information to make decisions with confidence.

Consider creating online resources like templates or calculators, educational content like explainer videos or tutorials, and online forums where B2B companies can come together and foster a connection with each other and your business.

Showcase Yourself

While it’s important to address pain points and provide value to your audience, at the end of the day your main goal is to seal the deal. So some of your content needs to be self-promotional without sounding self-promotional.

This is where case studies and success stories can come in incredibly useful. They allow you to show potential clients that you’re not just saying you can do something — you’re proving it.

Have you helped a business overcome a significant challenge? Document it so that other businesses can follow suit. Did a longtime client recently leave a glowing review? Highlight it on your social media, website and blog for everyone to see.

By showcasing what you’ve done for others, you’re developing trust and reliability with those who need your products or services now or in the future. And that’s the type of content every business can use!

Are You Ready for Better B2B Content?

Crafting compelling B2B content can be challenging for any business marketer. When you understand what your audience wants, focus on providing value, and let your success speak for itself, your brand will get the attention it deserves!

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