Google Analytics 360 Shows Your Small Business the Big Picture

Understanding the wants and needs of your customers can be tricky business. What makes them tick? Why do they act on some ads and completely ignore others? How can you possibly keep track of each individual customer’s equally individual preferences, buying habits and history?

The answers to these questions and many more rests with Google Analytics 360, a new suite of products from the Internet’s reigning search engine king.

Currently in limited beta testing, Google will start rolling out its new offerings to existing Google Analytics Premium and Adometry customers in the coming months, But we have the scoop on the sweet offerings that will soon change the way your small business does business.

The Google 360 Suite is made up of six different components, available separately or as a package deal. Here’s what’s included…and why you might need it.

Google Audience Center 360

Audience Center 360 is a fully integrated data management platform (DMP) that helps you keep track of your customers, allowing you to target the right audience at the right time. It integrates with DoubleClick and Adwords, but like all the offerings in the 360 Suite, it’s also open to third-party systems, meaning you can use it with programs you’re already using.

Google Optimize 360

Testing is an integral part of any marketing campaign, but it isn’t always easy. Google Optimize takes the headache out of A/B testing, making it easy to show different things to different audience segments in an effort to find what works best for your small business.

Google Data Studio 360

Raw data is messy, confusing and often terrifying. Data Studio takes your raw data and turns it into nice, clean reports that actually tell you what’s going on with your small business – no secret decoder ring required!

In addition to these three major components, the Google Analytics 360 Suite includes Tag Manager 360, which improves on Google’s already awesome tag management product. It also contains Google Analytics 360 and Google Attrition 360, both of which help you to analyze data and marketing performance across all the channels your small business uses.

Whether you choose the entire suite or just a piece or two, Google’s latest suite of marketing tools has the potential to give your small business a serious boost.

Need help deciding which component would provide the best benefits for your small business? Give Mischa Communications a call and let us show you the 360-degree picture.