How to Personalize Your Small Business Marketing

Remember, as a kid, how cool it was to find something with your name on it? A license plate for your bike, a necklace or bracelet or even your Saturday morning cereal bowl — personalization was the privilege of every Bob and Beth, and a never-ending source of frustration for Janessa and Jakob-with-a-K.

We may have outgrown the keychains and cheap plastic mugs of our youth, but personalization still matters — especially in the marketing world, where your potential customer might not be able to pick you out from a lineup of your competitors. When everyone is offering the exact same product or service as you are, customer experience is your edge.

You likely collect a lot of data about your customers and leads: who they are, what they buy, when they buy it, their birthday and their location. But all that data does nothing if you can’t learn to leverage it! The following software and web tools will make that data spill its secrets and allow you to target customers at the individual level.

Adobe Target

Adobe Target is all about a personalized experience. The program looks at the way users navigate your site to help you understand what they’re looking for, performs both A/B and multivariant testing to show you what’s working (and what isn’t), helps you target segmented audiences through customizable rules and can even use collected data to automatically deliver relevant content and recommendations to your customers.


Session playback with FullStory is exactly what it sounds like and more. You not only see your customers’ actions on your site in high fidelity, you also see exactly which elements are involved (as long as they’re built with the JavaScript framework). Customer having trouble with your site? No need to tease out what happened: You can see the, ahem, full story for yourself. FullStory also intelligently identifies rage clicks, errors, dead clicks and more, helping you identify UI defects and how to improve.

Google Optimize

Google Optimize integrates with Google Analytics to put the information you’ve already collected to work for your small business. This means you can test against things such as e-commerce and ad revenue without having to manually input the info. In fact, you can test just about anything on your website and start seeing results almost immediately, rather than waiting days or weeks.

The free version is perfect for businesses who are just jumping into the personalization game, but if you find yourself needing more, a more advanced, fully supported version is available.


A cloud-based marketing system with great personalization capabilities, WebEngage follows customers offline and into the real world. It customizes more than just a website — it supports SMS, email, push and in-app notifications and more. If you’re looking to cross the channels in your marketing strategy, this is a fantastic solution.

WebEngage is completely free for up to 10,000 monthly active users, but a premium version is also available.

No one wants to be the weirdly-named kid who can’t find their name on a Coke bottle. When you integrate personalization into your marketing strategy, everyone benefits — especially your bottom line!

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