Cross-Channel Marketing for Your Small Business

You have plenty of ways to market your small business. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, email, direct mail, blogs, websites, mobile offers – the list goes on and on, and quite frankly, we’re only stopping here to preserve our word count.

Each one of the aforementioned channels has its place in your overall marketing strategy. You use some, most or even all of them on a daily basis.

But what if we told you that you could and should use them … together?

It’s not that crazy a concept. Cross-channel marketing is the best way to make sure all of your channels are working for you rather than against each other.

What Is Cross-Channel Marketing?

Although the concept sounds (and can actually be) difficult, at its core, cross-channel marketing is exactly what its name implies: marketing across different channels in the hopes of getting your foot in as many doors as possible.

It’s the reason television commercials include hashtags, brick-and-mortar shops have websites and print ads say “Find us on Facebook.” The more ways a person has to reach your small business, the more chances you have of converting that person into a customer.

Why Cross-Channel Marketing Works

People like choices. Some may never open email offers but will pounce on a deal offered via text message. Others may eschew social media altogether but respond favorably to a direct mail campaign.

With cross-channel marketing, you’re allowing your potential clients and customers to get in touch with you in the way they prefer – which is huge!

How to “Cross the Channels”

This is where it begins to get a bit tricky. Cross-channel marketing isn’t quite as simple as including a hashtag on every Facebook post or making sure your LinkedIn links back to your website.

To successfully implement the strategy, you need to know what your fan base looks like on each channel. How many respond to text offers vs. email offers? How does your social media subscription rate stack up against your website sales?

While cross-channel marketing requires some serious analytics, metrics and a lot of hard work, it’s not the monster that it seems. And it remains one of the best things you can do for your small business.

Still confused? Drop Mischa Communications a line. We’ll walk you through the process and help you create a fantastic campaign that reaches people … wherever they are.