Make It Memorable Marketing: Christina’s Picks

During the next few weeks, the Mischa team will weigh in on their favorite marketing campaigns, why they’re memorable, and how you can apply their tactics to your own company’s marketing efforts. Be sure to Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn to get updates on all the articles in the Make It Memorable Marketing series, as well as innovative marketing tips for small and mid-size businesses.

In our fast-paced culture, we are bombarded with hundreds of advertisements each day. Some are cheesy. Some are lackluster and boring. Some make us cringe, roll our eyes, or even change the channel or put down the magazine. However, there’s an elite few that earn the status of being remarkable and even more importantly, memorable.

But what goes into a truly inspiring marketing campaign? It can be any number of things—ingenious creativity, an element of unexpected humor, powerful music or even spinning an old product in a new, exciting way. (Hey, Old Spice Man, I’m talking to you!) There are a lot of campaigns out there, but in my opinion, these three really stick out (in a good way!) when stacked up against the competition.

Dove’s “Real Beauty”

This marketing campaign is powerful because it highlights the beauty of real, everyday women — not just traditional, waif-like models. In this series of television and print ads, women of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds are praised for their uniqueness. What sets this campaign apart is that it pushes the boundaries and widens the definition of what truly constitutes “beauty.” For Dove, it’s not so much about fitting into a cookie-cutter mold of what society deems attractive, but more about celebrating women’s differences and boosting their self-esteem. The take-away: Being true and genuine in your marketing campaign goes a long way!

Allstate’s “Mayhem is Everywhere”

This whimsical Allstate campaign entered the scene in 2010 and is still going strong. “Mayhem” is a zany character who constantly gets himself into trouble. From pretending to be a housekeeper tripping and falling backwards down a staircase; to a deer jumping in front of a car at night, “Mayhem” reminds consumers that dangers can literally be lurking anywhere. While, there’s no doubt this marketing campaign plays on consumers’ anxieties, the amusing theatrics make the fear pill easier to swallow. The take-away: A dose of humor can spice up the marketing for any product – even something as “exciting” as insurance.

Target’s “The Everyday Collection”

Target’s 2013 marketing campaign puts a chic spin on typical household items—making it both humorous and creative. This campaign showcases fashion models interacting with everyday products like detergent and cake mix in a tongue-in-cheek sort of way. Target is reminding customers that it offers everything from soup to nuts (literally!), while playing up its long-standing brand image as a retailer offering stylish fashions at affordable prices. The take-away: Marketing campaigns are supposed to remind your customers about your products or services, but that doesn’t mean they have to be traditional. Think outside the (cake) box next time you’re dreaming up a campaign!

Small and mid-size businesses don’t be afraid to think big in your marketing efforts! Just because your budget is small, doesn’t mean your marketing impact has to be. A small budget just requires a bit more creativity. Enlist the help of a creative communication agency, like Mischa Communications, that can assist you in developing your own brilliantly captivating and memorable marketing campaign.

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