Make Your Small Business Newsletter a Must-Read!

A small business newsletter is a great way to keep in touch with your customers and get the word out about new products, services and promotions. Delivered straight to inboxes all over the world, it’s one of the most cost effective small business marketing strategies…if people read it.

Mischa knows how frustrating it can be to put a lot of time into a project only to have it not work. If you’re having trouble getting your message, we’ve got a handful of tips to help you grab peoples’ attention, and get them to open and read your small business newsletter!

1. Give Your Readers a Gold Star

OK, not an actual gold star. Your customers need some sort of incentive in return for their investment of time. Offer a discount, sponsor a contest or just tell them a joke. Your incentives don’t need to be tangible, but they do need to make reading your newsletter worthwhile.

2. The Subject Line Matters

Don’t let your e-newsletter get lost in a pile of spam. You’re different than those “other” small businesses. You’re better. Your subject line needs to entice people to open it. Ask a question or include a thought-provoking antidote. This is also great place to allude to the previously mentioned “gold star.”

3. Keep it Short and Sweet

What matters most to you and your small business right now? A great promotion? A fantastic new product? Don’t make your readers wade through the muck before they get to the good stuff! If you take too much time to address the important stuff, you might lose your audience before you make your most important point.

4. Include Forward and Share Buttons

Maybe the person reading your newsletter isn’t interested in your product, but he or she knows their best friend, aunt or grandmother’s ex-boyfriend’s cousin would be. Make it easy for them to pass your message along. It’s a great, no-fuss way to get new business!

5. Know What You’re Doing (Or Let Mischa Help!)

Putting out a poorly written e-newsletter or one that looks like it belongs in the 90s is worse than nothing at all. You only get one shot to grab people’s attention. If they aren’t immediately impressed, chances are slim that they’ll open another email from your small business. Follow our best practices and make sure to send a test newsletter to a few trusted friends before you send out the email.

You can also contact us for help! We’ll put together an eye-catching, must-read newsletter for a lot less than you might expect. Hey, we got you to read all the way though our article, so we know a thing or two about small business marketing!