Practicing What We Preach

As many of you know, Mischa Communications hasn’t always followed its own advice. Our old website made us look a bit rough around the marketing edges. It was a little too Mad Men, and not in a good way. It lacked the wow factor, the innate digital coolness we so often achieve for our clients. It didn’t tell our story. It didn’t inspire.

We didn’t disregard our own advice because of a lack of motivation. We’ve been so busy helping all of you with your marketing and communications that ours took a backseat. It’s also because building and expanding a company is difficult. It’s like running a marathon each and every day.

It hurts.

Yet there comes a time when every small business has to accept these growing pains to prosper and thrive. Six weeks ago, we finally embraced this inevitable pain and embarked on a massive effort to rebrand, adapt, and fortify our expanding company.

What ensued was a rollercoaster ride of elation, exhaustion, frustration, and joy. Logo concepts were argued. Designs were debated. Tempers flared. Writers wrote. Editors edited. Developers threw things. The old website crashed. Our domain was (temporarily) lost in cyberspace. Michelle yelled … a lot. But our team rallied. The domain was found. Sleep was lost. A copious amount of caffeine was consumed. Progress was made. Inspiration was discovered. Gradually, a new and improved Mischa took shape before our eyes

It wasn’t easy. It definitely hurt. But it was all worth it.

Today, we practice what we preach. Today, we begin a new chapter in our company’s story. And we look forward to you helping us write it.

Welcome to the new Mischa Communications!