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The Secret to Small Business Website Visibility

That new small business website we talked about last week is finally a reality. It’s cool, interesting and perfectly reflects the brand you’ve worked so hard to create. It’s time to sit back, relax and wait for the visitors (and money!) to roll in … right?

Not exactly.

Google your company’s name. Go ahead, we’ll wait. Did you come up with anything?


Creating your small business website was only the first step. Now you have to get people to it. Here’s how.

Shout It From the Rooftops

OK, not literally – we’re going for creative, not crazy. But the simplest key to small business website visibility is to tell people your site exists. Write a blog post about the process of creating your site, and share the link to your site at the end. Then post a link to the blog on all your social media platforms. Add it to your business cards and your email signature. Your mission is to tell the world that you have a small business website, and that it’s amazing!

Submit Your Site to Search Engines

A search engine will pick up on your website in one of two ways: by a whole bunch of traffic going to your site, and/or by you telling the search engine that the website exists.

If you don’t have a whole bunch of traffic going to your site, a manual submission is the way to go. While the search engines won’t guarantee page ranking with a manual submission, at least it’ll be out there, at least. Need a hand submitting your site to the major search engines? We can help!

Pin It, Place It, List It

The more visibility your small business website has online, the better. Get the word out however you can. Create a listing on Google Places and Yelp and start a Pinterest page where your audience can “pin” you. Three are a lot of sites that allow you to list your small business for free, but we don’t recommend paying for listings at this early stage of the game.

There are plenty of other ways to get your website rankings up there with the best of them. Take your pick of them, but make sure that it gets done.

Still need more help shrugging off the invisibility cloak? Contact Mischa Communications, and we’ll help your site get discovered by the major search engines.