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To Pin or Not to Pin: A Small Business’ Guide to Pinterest

Pinterest isn’t just for photographers and super crafty moms. Done right, it can be a great tool for your small business marketing. From place pins to customer conversations, the online scrapbooking site could be just what your small business needs.

Here are some tips on how to make Pinterest work for you!

Place Pins

The newest business-centric feature on the board, place pins allow users to link their pinned images to a map. The pins allow for address and contact information and help users find something to do in their area. These pins (and the information attached) will move to other boards when different users “re-pin” it. Imagine the potential!

Travel Channel and Conde Nast are already using place pins with great success. Jump on the bandwagon, folks. It’s a great place to be.

Allow Pins on Your Website

Despite a slow, invitation-only rollout, Pinterest is now open to everyone with an email address. It’s not Facebook or Twitter (yet), but there’s no limit to the benefits of harnessing all the social media you can. So, add a “pin it” button to your website, and let your customers do your advertising for you.

Make Your Own Board

To make the most of Pinterest, you’ve got to use it. Create Pinterest boards that are relevant to your products, services and brand. Organize and label boards to make the most of your views, and be sure to make it fun. Drab, business-oriented content isn’t as likely to generate a buzz (or re-pins!) as vibrant, exciting photos.

Market for Short Attention Spans

In this instant-access world, your customers aren’t going to spend too much time on any one thing, including your Pinterest boards. Make sure your content gets straight to the point, and give your customers as much information as you can as quickly as possible. 

Engage Honestly

Social media is important, but following just to get followers rarely works. Engage with your customers, comment on their relevant posts and respond to their comments on yours. Active involvement is key. People are more likely to do business with a company they feel connected to.

It’s too soon to tell whether Pinterest will be the next big thing for small business social media, but the benefits of jumping on board can’t be denied. Get pinning! And if you need help setting up your Pinterest account or managing it, Mischa Communications can help. Contact us today!