Get a Jump on Your 2019 Small Business Marketing Plan

It’s that time of year again. Your neighbor’s 850-watt holiday lights are shining through your window, preventing sleep for the foreseeable future. Every retail establishment seems to have “Jingle Bell Rock” on repeat. And you’re settling down for a (probably short) winter’s nap.

However, before you pull that sleep mask down over your eyes and resolve to remain in your blanket fort until the new year comes around, there’s still one thing you need to do:

Set your marketing plan for 2019.

Is it a lofty goal? Yes. Will it cut into your downtime? Yes. But great small businesses don’t wait to hit the ground running on Jan. 1 – they plan ahead to ensure that they won’t get left behind!

If you’re looking for a (relatively) painless game plan, Mischa Communications has a sneak peek at the rules.

Ink Your Deals Now

If you’re like many small business owners, you’ve probably made a 2019 resolution to “do better” with your marketing. Maybe you’ve scouted out a few agencies, made a few phone calls and even gotten a quote or two.

You, and approximately 30 million other business owners.

The early bird might catch the worm, but the early entrepreneur snags the greatest marketing agency. And since any agency worth their proverbial salt limits their caseload to ensure they can provide their existing clients with the highest level of service, now is the time to act.

Partner Up

They say two heads are better than one. We’re inclined to agree. If you’re thinking about trying to partner with another local small business to share customers, advertising costs or even just social media endorsements, it’s time to do-si-do.

Don’t let your small business be the third wheel when everyone else has paired off and partnered up. By approaching a potential ally now, you have a better chance of finding someone with a dance-card opening.

Make New Friends (But Keep the Old)

You’re not the only one making plans and resolutions for 2019 — your customers (both current and future) are doing the same. And by snagging them now, rather than later, you effectively beat your competition at their own game.

At the beginning of 2018, the top resolutions were to eat healthier, get more exercise and save money. Unless you own a restaurant or a gym, the first two are out of your control. However, helping your customer base save money is something any small business can do!

Have a year-end blowout sale to entice your shoppers to splurge before their resolutions go into full effect, offer some significant 2019 savings or even just ramp up your blog with how-to and DIY posts that might save your followers a buck or two. There’s no “wrong” way to cater to your customers. And the earlier you manage it, the better!

Make 2019 Your Best Year Yet!

While setting your 2019 marketing plan a scant few days before the new year’s bells ring out may seem useless, the fact of the matter is that every minute counts. Remember, you don’t have to beat your competition by a mile — a single inch is enough.

The finish line is just ahead. Are you ready to put on your boosters and take the gold?

Mischa Communications has a wide range of marketing services to help your small business prepare for 2019 and beyond. We understand your struggles and triumphs because we’re small, too. And we’re never more than a click or a call away!