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Small Business Social Media 2.0: Advanced Techniques to Get More Fans, Engagement and Sales!

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Do a keyword search for “social media marketing tips” and chances are, the information will be pretty basic. “Run a contest.” “Engage with your fans and followers.” “Use humor.”

Those are all great tips. (In fact, we’ve written entire articles saying the exact same thing!) And while you should absolutely take those strategies to heart, they can only take you so far. If you’re ready to go above and beyond in your social media pursuits, Mischa Communications has some “advanced” tips to help you get more fans, engagement, and yes — even sales!

Show, Don’t Tell

Imagine you’re in the market for a new home. You’re following two different realtors on Facebook, trying to decide which one deserves your trust (and your healthy commission).

Realtor A is clearly descended from William Shakespeare himself. He posts 2,000+ word descriptions of every home on offer, waxing poetic about vaulted ceilings and sunken garden tubs. He even posts pictures to back his claims up.

Realtor B isn’t quite such a wordsmith. Instead, she walks through each house and around each property with her iPhone in tow, taking videos of every inch of every listing while narrating the journey: “Look at these vaulted ceilings! Here’s the sunken garden tub!”

Who will earn your business?

If you’re in the majority, Realtor B wins hands down. Your audience doesn’t want to hear; they want to see. They’re not content with looking; they want to touch. In fact, 73 percent of consumers are more likely to make a purchase after watching a video.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words could you save with video, instead?

Post Less (Yes, Really)

We all have that one friend or family member who floods our feed each day with cat pictures, overshared Minion memes and long, rambling posts about everything from what they ate for breakfast to what time they went to bed.

Don’t be that business!

Posting “more” does not improve how many of your Facebook fans see your posts. Posting “better” does! The more likes, shares and comments you get, the wider your post will travel — and you won’t risk your followers “hiding” your posts because they just can’t deal with the spam anymore.

Focus on quality, not quantity, and you’ll be rewarded — we promise!

Pay to Play

Yes, Facebook is free. Anyone can advertise anything they want — but Facebook, recognizing that there’s a pretty penny to be had here — ultimately determines who gets priority in the News Feed.

(Spoiler: It’s the one who gives them the most money.)

Of course, you don’t want to go all-in on something that may or may not work, so start small. For $5-$10 a day, you can advertise on Facebook. You might not meet your sales quota — you might not even sell a single thing — but you will get valuable information on what works, what doesn’t and what could with some tweaking.

Do some A/B testing. Which ads generate clicks and interest? Which ads don’t? Which target market seems to be biting? Which isn’t?

With these experiments, you’ll have the data you need to create bigger, better ads that may cost more, but will also generate more revenue.

Social media 2.0 is a bit harder, a bit more time-consuming and takes a bit more dedication. But when you see those fans, followers, and yes — even cold, hard cash — rolling in, you’ll know it was worth it!

Ready to take your social media prowess to the next level? We’ve got more tricks up our sleeve! Call or email us today and let us tailor a social media strategy to your specifications, taste, needs and budget!