3 Small Business Marketing Obstacles & How to Overcome Them

Small business owners are no strangers to snags. It’s just another day at the office. While you’re used to jumping through hoops and clearing hurdles in the course of your everyday operations, a marketing issue can throw you — and your bottom line — for a loop.

Marketing problems are no fun, but there’s always a solution. Here are a few of the most common obstacles you may face, what to do about them and who to call for help when you lose your way. (Spoiler alert: It’s us! Call us!)

1. Your ROI is DOA.

The problem: You’re throwing money into your marketing strategy, but you’re not getting anything out of it. You might as well be tossing your money straight into the trash for all the return you’re getting on your investment.

The solution: Shake up your current strategy and try something new! Continuously spending money on something that doesn’t work would be considered insane anywhere outside of the marketing world. Unfortunately, small businesses do it all the time, like an old lady feeding quarters into a slot machine because “it has to hit  big at some point!”

It’s not going to hit. Move on.

2. Your target audience isn’t getting the message.

The problem: You’ve got an amazing marketing campaign, but your target demographic is clueless about your product. And you have no idea where you screwed up.

The solution: It would be crazy to sell surfboards in Antarctica or market the cure for baldness on an elementary school playground, right? It’s important to know your audience. How do they connect? Are they social media savvy or more comfortable with a newspaper or radio? The more you know your demographic, the easier it is to get your message across — to the right people.

3. You can’t generate a “buzz.”

The problem: You have social media pages on every platform, but no one is interacting with them, and your site is as deserted as Death Valley in August. How are you supposed to get people to care?

The solution: Give them something to care about. It’s no fun talking to yourself, so generate a conversation, post a meme or tie some current events into your social media marketing. If you can get people talking, it’ll be 10 times easier to get them to listen as well.

Marketing is no picnic. It’s hard work rife with opportunities to mess it all up in a heartbeat. Whether you’re looking for a better ROI, insights into your target audience or just a way to get people to interact with you on social media, Mischa Communications can help! We understand the challenges small businesses face – because we’re small, too! And we’ve got the tools and the tricks to unsnag even the biggest marketing tangles.