3 Tips for Successfully Launching Your Small Business Product or Service

Launching a new small business product or service can be exciting – but, like most exciting things, it can be a bit terrifying, too. How do you get the word out? Will it flop or fly? Will it be worth the money, effort and time you’ve put into it?

If you have too many questions and not enough answers, let us save the day. Here are our tips for ensuring your next product or service launch will be a rousing success.

1. Start With Your Existing Customers

Sure, your small business product or service may be the greatest thing since Betty White, but it’s not exactly easy to attract new customers to your brand based on one shiny whirligig.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had an already-established group of buyers who would line up with cash in hand?

Oh wait. You do! Start marketing your product to your existing customers first. They know you. They love you. They’ve already shown interest in who you are and what you do. Once you have them on board, word will naturally spread, and fresh customers will come to you.

2. Ramp Up the Excitement Factor

Have you ever wondered why people camp outside the Apple Store in the days leading up to a new gadget’s release? It’s because Apple is the master of product launches. They hold press conferences, take pre-orders, hype must-have features and generally get iOS fans worked into an “I’ve got to have it right now” frenzy weeks before it’s even available.

Granted, you don’t have Apple’s marketing budget, but you can still send out a few press releases, talk up the benefits of the product or service on social media, create some great web content for it and start taking pre-orders. (It doesn’t hurt to give an early-bird discount, either!

3. Launch in Style

Don’t just throw your product or service onto your shelves or your website – launch it with flair. Make an event out of it. Everyone loves a party, so give them one to remember, complete with refreshments, music, and of course, a demonstration.

Often, just getting people through the door (real or virtual) to see your product or service in motion will plant the “gotta have it” seed. They may not buy today, but they’ll certainly remember you when the time comes!

Don’t let the fear of failing keep you from launching your next great masterpiece. When you start with your original fan base, get them excited about your latest development and launch it in style, you have a three-step plan that will have your sales skyrocketing!

Have you experienced failure to launch? Let Mischa Communications take the helm. Our team of marketing experts will help make your new small business product or service the talk of the town.