4 Small Business Marketing Tips for Summer 2021

small business marketing tips

After so recently enduring “The Year that Wouldn’t End,” it almost seems impossible that we’re nearly halfway through its successor. Indeed, summer is almost officially open for business.

As more and more people get vaccinated and states begin to drop some of the restrictions, this summer will surely look a bit more “normal” than the last. So what does that mean for your small business marketing strategy? We have your sizzling summer 2021 forecast.

Small Business Marketing Tips for Summer 2021

The Tourists Are Coming!

Traveling is officially a thing again, and most of us are at least a year overdue for a vacation. This means you’ll soon be seeing an influx of unfamiliar faces.

If they can find you, that is.

Take some time to update your info and make sure it’s easy for an out-of-towner to connect with your business. You might also consider advertising in local guides or creating a brochure or flyer that can be left in hotel lobbies, airports, restaurants or anywhere else tourists are likely to frequent.

It’s All About the Experience

After a year spent cooped up at home watching Netflix, people are craving experiences – and they’re willing to pay top dollar for them.

If you happen to own a theme park, dude ranch or campground, you have it made. If not, you’re going to have to work a little harder to capture their attention.

Draw in the crowds with a gimmick. If you have a brick-and-mortar location, this could mean a community BBQ, free pony rides for the kids or a mini street fair. Online only? Anything that gets people engaged and involved will do. Try scavenger hunts, games or contests with cool prizes to be awarded at the end of the summer.

No More Screens, Please

For a nation as addicted to technology as we are, we’ve sure had quite enough of it lately. The past year has just been one long Zoom meeting that should have been an email.

What we’re saying is “ditch the digital,” at least for the short term.

Instead of a webinar, host an in-person class. (A socially distanced one, of course.) Stand outside and chat people up as they walk past your business. Make a concentrated effort to connect on a human level. Everyone needs a bit more of that!

The Festivities Are Back on Schedule

Last summer was pretty much a bust. County fairs, carnivals, Fourth of July celebrations, music festivals – all canceled. But in many places, they’re back on the schedule for this year, so feel free to join in on the fun.

Summer events are a great way to promote your business, introduce yourself to the community, and find a bunch of new leads. Book your booth space, set up a canopy and a folding table and enjoy!

Summer 2021 Is Going to Be Hot!

While it’s not quite business as usual yet, things are looking a lot better than they did this time last year. And the sooner you prepare, the sooner you can get started. Your customers are waiting!

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