How to Track Your Marketing Campaign

track your marketing campaign

How is your latest marketing campaign going?

We’re not looking for adjectives like “decent,” “pretty well” or “fantastic.” We want specifics. What’s your conversion rate? How many opens are you getting per week? How do your brand-new customers stack up against those you’re trying to snare with remarketing tactics?

Not sure how to answer these questions? Then it’s time for a crash course in tracking your marketing campaign.

Why Tracking Is So Important

Let’s say your main marketing channels are email, social media, pay-per-click advertising and direct mail. You probably already know the general effectiveness of all four strategies together. But do you know which one works the best and which one isn’t working at all?

If most of your conversions are coming from email, you need to know that so you can redouble your efforts in that area. If paid advertising is costing you more than it’s making you, it’s a strategy you can nix. But you’ll never know unless you track each individual aspect of your campaign, not just your campaign as a whole.

How do you do that?

4 Ways to Track Your Marketing Campaign

Unique Landing Pages

A landing page is the place where your customers “land” once they’ve taken some sort of action on your campaign. And by using unique landing pages for each channel, it’s easier to see where your traffic is coming from.

You don’t need to create separate content for each page (although you certainly can if you want to further fine-tune your marketing prowess). It’s OK if each landing page is exactly the same — as long as the way the customer gets to the page is unique to each separate channel.

Google Analytics

There are countless analytics tools on the market right now, but we like Google Analytics the best. It just makes sense to go with the engine that accounts for more than 72% of all web traffic.

Analytics can tell you nearly everything you need to know about how your marketing campaign is performing. You can set goals, see your bounce rate and average session duration, and even learn more about what people are searching for so you can more successfully tailor your campaign.

Conversion Tracking

To really understand how well your marketing campaign is working, you need to know how many people are converting. A conversion can be one of several specific actions, such as clicking on an ad, opening an email, downloading a resource or making a purchase.

Conversion tracking allows you to see just that. More importantly, it also allows you to see when and where these conversions are happening, the type of conversion being made and even the specific search terms your audience is using before converting.

Phone Tracking

In a time where everything is done online and human contact is kept to a minimum, it might seem strange to track something as “old school” as phone calls, but given that 61% of local mobile searches end in a call, it’s a good idea to know who’s on the other end of the line and how they found you.

Phone tracking is a relatively simple process – via a technology called dynamic number insertion (DNI) – that involves using a different phone number for each marketing medium. When you know which channel the majority of your calls are coming from, you have a better idea of what’s working!

Is Your Marketing Campaign on Track?

Marketing isn’t about throwing everything in your arsenal up in the air and waiting to see what lands where. It’s about choosing a few carefully selected channels and monitoring them closely – something that’s impossible to do without effective tracking strategies in place!

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