7 Effective Forms of Offline Marketing

offline marketing

Offline marketing might not be the hot trend in getting your company seen. But it’s still relevant.

By now, we all know the benefits of digital marketing. It’s a $460 billion business in the U.S. alone. More than 70% percent of overall marketing budgets go toward digital marketing, and 55% of all marketing is now digital.

Impressive? Yes. The only way to go? No.

Despite the success and sheer prevalence of online marketing, offline marketing is still very much an option that you should pursue. Offline marketing can make it easier to target a specific audience. It establishes brand recognition and loyalty. And many people think it’s more authentic (read: trustworthy) than digital marketing.

If you’re ready to zero in on an offline marketing strategy, here are some ideas you should consider.

7 Effective Forms of Offline Marketing

Direct Mail

Done correctly, direct mail offers a pretty significant ROI, surpassed only by email and social media, and is opened by 80% to 90% of recipients. It’s more personal than an email, less intrusive than a phone call, and it makes it easy to target an individual recipient. Personalization and a clear call-to-action (CTA) are the keys to direct-mail success.

In-Person Advertising

Marketing should always be personal, and nothing is more personal than an actual human being. Whether it’s a table at conference or trade show or a booth at a community event, meeting a potential client or customer face-to-face gives you the opportunity to pitch your product or service in real time. Even if you don’t make a sale on the spot, you’ll get plenty of leads!

Cold Calling

As long as you’re not incessantly trying to reach someone about their car’s extended (and completely fictional) warranty, cold calling can be a successful offline marketing strategy. The trick is to do your research ahead of time, aim for the targets that are most likely to convert, and always, always, always respect a hard “no.”

Print Advertisements

While newspapers seem to be going the way of the dodo, print ads still have their place in offline marketing. You probably don’t want to waste money putting an ad that no one will see in a newspaper no one subscribes to, but trade journals, magazines and other “niche” publications allow you to reach a highly targeted market, stay top of mind and appear more credible to your audience.


While not usually thought of as “marketing,” becoming a sponsor allows you to get your business out there. Whether it’s your company’s name on the back of the Little League jerseys, your ad in the program of the local high school’s play, or your logo on a banner on the midway at the county fair, sponsorships let you help your community and get some good publicity all at the same time.

Speaking Engagements

Speaking at an event creates a buzz around your business, draws in an audience you may not have otherwise had access to, and positions you as a leading authority in your industry. Find local associations tied to your line of business and approach them about being a guest speaker, check with your local chamber of commerce for leads, or cast yourself as the star of the show at your own live event.


We don’t mean throwing your to-go cup out the car window or dumping your trash can in your neighbor’s yard. You can (politely) litter by leaving things behind wherever you go. A stack of business cards on the subway. A few pamphlets about your products and services at the coffee shop. Some branded frisbees at the dog park. You never know who will find what you “lost.”

Are You On Board With Offline Marketing?

Digital marketing is great, and you should absolutely keep doing it. But offline marketing is great, too, and if you’re not doing it, you should be. It’s not an either/or proposition. The best marketing strategies encompass both!

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