Podcast Problem? Here’s How to Make It Pop!

podcast problems

Are you looking for a way to position yourself as a leader in your industry, gain your audience’s trust, bring in new clientele, and maybe even have a bit of fun while doing it? If so, podcasting might be for you!

For the uninitiated, a podcast is just an audio series discussing a certain topic — anything from true crime to current events to pens. (Yes, pens. Really.) It can have a singular host, a revolving cast, and even guests. It’s more personal and interactive than a blog post and doesn’t come off as salesy as an email or an ad on social media.

Podcasts are a great way to share information about your company, build brand awareness, and connect with your audience on a deeper level.

But while it’s an inexpensive way to market your business, it’s not all sunshine and puppy kisses. That’s why we’re going to discuss a handful of podcast problems — and deliver some tips on how to solve them.

3 Podcasting Puzzles and Their Ultimate Solutions

Problem #1: You Have No Followers

You’re spending an awful lot of time sitting in your makeshift studio with a pair of headphones on talking to the wall. But your followers are conspicuously absent. What’s the deal?

Well, what have you done to publicize yourself? If the answer is nothing, there’s your problem.

Movies have trailers and networks start promoting the fall lineup in spring for a reason: They’re trying to create a buzz and get people looking forward to the main event. And you need to be doing the same thing everywhere possible, including on your socials, in your emails, on your website and wherever else you can.

Because most people view podcasts as entertainment, they expect their favorite sports star, comedian or author to have one. But they don’t necessarily expect their insurance agent, favorite bakery or local towing company to have one — so you need to tell them that you exist!

Problem #2: There’s a Noticeable Lack of Consistency

Does your podcast feel like it has lost all sense of rhyme and reason? It could be that your consistency is out of whack.

Consistency in podcasting is crucial. It’s nearly impossible to build a following if people who listened to one podcast episode on Wednesday have to wait until next Monday for the second episode, then Thursday three weeks from then for the third.

But it’s not just the scheduling that needs to be consistent — it’s everything. The length of your episodes, the voice you use, the primary host and even your audio branding all need to stay in sync if you want to create something other than a jumbled mess.

Problem #3: You’re Running Out of Topics

So your podcast is on point. You’re as consistent as the Capistrano swallows. But what happens a few months from now when it’s time to record your next episode … and you have less than nothing to talk about. What now?

Podcasts are just another form of content. And content has a way of running irritatingly dry on occasion. However, there are plenty of things you can do to get the ideas flowing again.

Comb through your blog and mine for existing content that you can turn into a podcast. Check out trending topics on Twitter and see if anything is relevant in your area of expertise. Invite a guest to pop in for a chat or interview an employee.

Whatever you do, don’t just skip it — because once you start skipping episodes, it’s easy to keep skipping them. And that spells disaster for any podcaster!

Let’s Give ’Em Something to Talk About!

Podcasting isn’t just for A-list celebs or politicians looking for a podium. Done right, it can be a great marketing tool for businesses big and small. And while it’s not completely without its problems, there’s a solution for every snag!

At Mischa Communications, we’re here to help with all of your marketing woes. How can we lend a hand?