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Go Mobile With Your Small Business Website

In this on-the-go society, no one has time to be tethered to a PC. According to a recent Mobile Path-to-Purchase study, 46% of the public exclusively uses mobile devices as a research tool.

In other words, having a great mobile small business website is a must.

If you’re ready to optimize your small business’ website, here are some tips to remember as you go through the process.

Use the KISS Method

Keep it simple, silly…or KISS for short! Mobile devices are smaller than traditional PCs, so it’s important to stick to only the content your user needs most.

What are people looking for on a mobile site? A contact button is a must. A store locator can also be important if you have multiple locations. Creating a mobile site doesn’t mean you should toss out everything on your regular website – just make sure the most immediate and important content is the easiest to access.

Streamline Your Site

Keep it clean. Overlapped text and images and glitchy links will frustrate customers and send them fumbling for the “back” button. Streamline your site, don’t make it too intensive and, above all, make sure it actually works!

Stay Far Away From Flash

Thirty percent of America uses Apple devices. Apple doesn’t support Flash. If you put these two facts together, you’ll find that ostracizing nearly a third of your client base doesn’t add up. Be careful with Java as well. More phones are supporting it, but the load times can be awful.

Mirror Your Own (Desktop) Image

There’s nothing more disconcerting than a mobile website that looks nothing like the desktop version. Because of the screen constraints, you probably can’t make it look exactly the same, but you should keep the elements of your brand and tone. For instance, a witty desktop version will not play well with an elegant mobile theme.

Include a “Full Site” Button

Even the most awesomely designed mobile site won’t be enough for everyone. A “full site” or “view in desktop mode” button will allow your users to make the choice themselves.

Your website is one of the hardest working components of your small business marketing strategy. So make sure your mobile site is pulling its weight, too. Mischa Communications understands how difficult mobile optimization can be, so we’ve got a team of super-cool, tech-savvy individuals ready to help you make your mobile site amazing. Contact us for more details!