How to Tell Your Financial Services Firm’s Story

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Every small business has a story to tell.

Betty started a gluten-free bakery because her daughter was diagnosed with celiac disease. And Conrad opened a bed and breakfast because he spent his corporate life hopping from one chain hotel to another and wanted to give his customers a more personal experience.

As a financial services firm, you have a story, too. Who are you? What do you do? And more importantly — why do you do it?

But it’s not enough to simply know your story. You have to go out and share that story with the world.

Here’s why.

Your Clients Want (And Need) Transparency

You’re not selling cupcakes, nor are you offering people a warm bed and a hot breakfast. You provide invaluable financial services and products to your customers, which means the stakes are frankly much higher.

After all, if one of Betty’s customers doesn’t particularly care for the bagel they bought, no big deal. We can’t say the same if you fail to ensure your clients are compliant with SEC and CFTC regulations, or if you botch a filing amid a new fund launch.

And believe it or not, that’s why it’s so important to share who you are and why you do what you do with your audience. Your potential customers must be able to trust you implicitly — and that’s much easier for them to do if they feel they know you.

The Financial Services Market Is Saturated

The global financial services market size is expected to grow from $20.4 trillion in 2020 to $28.5 trillion by 2025. Long story short: This market is not lacking for competition right now, and that competition is only going to get more intense as firms chase additional market opportunity.

So, given a wealth of choices, why should a client choose you?

That’s the question you’re trying to answer when you tell your small business’s story. You’re not just another firm sending a cold email or paying for clicks online; you’re a legitimate business with a solid value proposition and a reason for being in the game.

So don’t tell people that they should choose you. Show people why they should choose you. How many mergers and acquisitions have you advised on? What’s the average cost savings for every business you help become “paperless”? Are any of your clients willing to provide testimonials? These are the ways that you can tell your story.

Brand Storytelling Tips

When it comes to telling your financial services firm’s story, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Know yourself. Be true to your story. Don’t invent something you think the customer will want to hear; know yourself well enough to put on an honest face.
  • Know your customer. Tell your story the way they want to hear it. Use their words and language. You’ll likely talk to baby boomers much differently than you would to Gen Z, for instance.
  • Hard data counts. Yes, we’ve continuously emphasized the fact that you’re telling a story. But prospective clients want to know what you can deliver, and many times, statistics and data can tell a story that flowery narratives simply can’t.
  • Don’t be afraid to change. Your small business isn’t static. You’ll likely grow over time, and you’ll also likely evolve. So, if your story does change, make sure that’s reflected anywhere you’re introducing yourself to the world.

Let Us Help You Tell Your Financial Services Firm’s Story

Telling your story offers your customers the transparency they want and need, sets you apart from the competition, and makes your brand look more professional.

So it’s time to put it in writing.

At Mischa Communications, we have a team of master storytellers ready to weave a tale your customers will respond to. Let’s start our first draft.