Put Some Spring in Your Small Business Marketing

spring small business marketing tips

According to the calendar, spring has officially sprung — which comes as a bit of a shock to those of us who still have to scrape the layers of ice off our windshields each morning.

Traditionally, spring is a time of awakening and renewal, a season where everyone is nearly giddy to realize that the sun does, in fact, still exist after a lengthy absence. In other words, spring is a happy-feely sort of time: something your small business should capitalize on!

Here are our favorite small business marketing tips to help you do just that.

Do Some “Spring Cleaning”

Now is the time to get rid of all that surplus inventory that has been gathering dust in your storerooms. Clean it up, slap a clearance sticker on it and have yourself a sale. (Everyone loves one!)

However, your storeroom isn’t the only thing that could use a broom and a fresh coat of paint — now is also a great time to clean up your marketing efforts. Are you spending too much money on something that’s not working? Does your website need a bit of work? Could your social media pages benefit from a breath of fresh air?

Make way for new products, services and small business marketing endeavors. Out with the old, in with the new!

Celebrate the Sun

Sure, pretty flowers and the peeping of spring chicks are nice, but the real draw of spring is the ability to finally shed the heavy winter coats we’ve worn for what seems like a decade.

Use the weather to your advantage. Ask your Facebook followers to predict the day and hour the mercury will finally rise above 60, 70 or 80 degrees. Offer surprise “sunny day” discount codes on your website. If you have a brick-and-mortar location, celebrate the return of the warm weather with a sidewalk sale, complete with free sunglasses, water bottles or T-shirts — company-branded for marketing purposes, of course!

Be a Good “Sport”

From March Madness to the first pitch of the Major League Baseball season, there’s plenty of marketing opportunities in spring sports. If you’re lucky enough to do business in a city with a professional or collegiate team, play to the hometown’s hearts with special “winner, winner!” deals when the team does well and consolation sales when they do poorly.

No local clubs to support? No problem! Get people talking on your social media pages! Sports fans love to talk about their favorite teams, so post the stats and scores and invite them to participate in contests with prizes for the person with the best bracket, the one who can prove they’re the team’s biggest fan or the one who can correctly predict the inning of the first home run.

Don’t forget about the minor leagues, either. Teams of tee-ball tots would be glad to have your sponsorship, and there’s nothing cuter than a kid sliding for home with your logo on the back of his or her T-shirt!

Benefit From Our Small Business Marketing Expertise

At Mischa Communications, we can’t determine when Mother Nature will finally turn the thermostat up over most of the country. We can, however, give you tips for a great marketing strategy, regardless of the season! Shoot us an email today and let us put some “spring” in your small business marketing step!