5 Tips to Make Your Good Small Business Website Great!

small business website engagement

Any middle school student with a school-issued tablet can make a website. But you don’t want just a website — you want a professional site that drives real business. That’s why you spent time, effort and (probably) money to make a good website.

Except good doesn’t cut it anymore. If you want to keep up with the Joneses – or more importantly, your competition – you’re going to have to shoot for great, fantastic, amazing and astonishing.

Here are our best tried-and-true website tips that will help you go from OK to OMG!

#1: Accommodate Your Audience

Who is your target audience? Do you primarily market to millennials or baby boomers? This one answer alone will go a long way in determining the way your website flows.

Older visitors may need some serious hand-holding — “Click here to learn more” or “Subscribe to our newsletter by pressing here”– while younger, more tech-savvy targets can probably navigate the site without much help.

When in doubt, always provide more information than you think you need.

#2: Put Yourself in Their Shoes

Imagine you are a first-time visitor to your own website. What questions would you have? What information should be front and center?

When you think like a potential customer rather than a small business owner, it’s easy to see the path you should take.

#3: Change It Up!

We’ve all had the “privilege” of visiting a website time and time again, only to find nothing new or newsworthy there. If you’re not regularly creating amazing website content, what’s the point?

No, we’re not suggesting you revamp the whole site six times a week, but if you’re looking for repeat visits, you’re going to have to give them something to come back for! Update your pictures, blog and offerings on a regular basis to give people an incentive to return time and time again.

#4: Go Mobile

Yes, we’ve said it before. We’re saying it now. We’ll probably say it again. Make sure your website is mobile-ready. It helps with search, but more importantly, mobile increasingly is where your customers are.

#5: Keep It Above the Fold

In the newspaper business, “above the fold” signifies importance. It’s the front-page headline screaming at you, the hands-down thing you have to read right now!

Make sure your website has an “above the fold” — or, an “above the scroll” at least! Are you advertising a 50% off special, a free shipping extravaganza or a new, never-before-seen product or service? Put it above the fold! Your steals and deals should always be the very first thing new visitors see when they click on your site.

“Meh” websites are easy. Good websites are a bit harder. Great websites? Well, those are few and far between — but not impossible!

Do you need some help? Mischa Communications is at your beck and call! Email us today and let us help you take your website from good to great … and beyond!