Small Business Social Media: Small Investment, Big Returns

On Sept. 14, 2012, Facebook logged a billion active users. That’s a billion – with a b! It was a huge deal for Mark Zuckerburg and his team, but it’s a huge deal for small businesses, too. Imagine capturing just a fraction of that market for your company. How much would it boost your bottom line?

Researchers from Texas A&M, the University at Buffalo and Finland’s Aalto University recently answered that question in a study that had us jumping up and down with excitement. They found concrete proof of what we already knew: social media marketing really works!

Their research shows that customers who are active on a company’s social media site spend 5.6% more money and patronize the business 5% more often than customers who don’t use social media.

So what makes people engage with a company’s social media? According to our friends at Texas A&M, it’s a user-friendly site, regular interaction and personalization. Yep, the secret is out. It really is that simple. What’s not so simple is devising a killer small business social media campaign that will generate Facebook-esque engagement. It’s not quite as complicated as, say, rocket science. But it does take time to learn and understand social media before you can launch your small business into cyberspace, and watch your clients and revenue grow.

We recognize that, for many small business owners, time can be a four-letter word. However, with Mischa on your side, you don’t need a ton of time (or money) to reap the rewards of social media marketing. We can’t promise the same level of customer engagement as Mr. Zuckerburg’s brainchild. But we can help create a buzz-worthy online presence for your small business that makes you a big deal in your city, industry, and market, and most importantly, to your customers.