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Small Business Conversion Conundrums

In e-marketing, the almighty conversion is king. Getting customers to your website is great and all, but it’s worthless if you can get them to do what you want once they’re there.

So how does a small business generate the conversions it needs to get the biggest bang for its marketing buck? The first step is to understand conversions, why they’re important, and how to make them work for your company.

What the heck is a conversion?

When you bring someone to your website, you have a goal in mind. You want them to sign up for a newsletter, buy your product, comment on your blog, Like you on Facebook or provide their contact information. When they do this, you’ve made a conversion. You’ve converted intangible web traffic into a viable lead.

Why do small business conversions matter?

A conversion gives you a return on your online marketing investment. You spend time and money to effectively brand your business. You try to attract potential customers to your site. Yet none of this matters if you can’t make the sale. A million hits mean nothing if none of those hits lead to a successful conversion.

How do I generate small business conversions?

Simple. You have to understand your customers. What do they want? How did they arrive at your site? How easy is it them to find the information they need? Conversions are part of our business, se we have a few helpful recommendations for improving your success rate.

* Keep forms simple. In a world of instant gratification, short attention spans are the norm. Keep your contact and order forms to eight fields or less, and don’t ask for more information than you need.

* Immediately tell your customers exactly what you want them to do. “Fill out this form for more information.” “Click here to buy our product.” Don’t make them scroll down the page. They might just get distracted.

* Offering an incentive is an awesome conversion strategy. Give people a coupon code for 20% off if they Like your company of Facebook. Send them a free sample when they subscribe to your newsletter or catalog.  These incentives might seem small, but they make a big difference in conversion rates.

Conversions are a significant component of any successful small business marketing strategy. Your business needs to be able to seal the deal with online visitors – whether that means buying a product or entering an email address. Mischa Communications can help your small business improve its conversion rate and ensure you’re getting the maximum ROI with our custom e-marketing strategies and complete website analysis packages. Contact us at or 202-596-7804 for more information on how we can boost your company’s conversion rate and bottom line.